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Family Sunday

Sunday 2nd September 2018, 2.40pm (day 2,565)

At the Blue Pig, 2/9/18

A full two-day weekend and somehow I still feel like this little girl. Unfortunately I’m too big to be carried around in a rucksack these days.

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Can I stop going to work yet?

Tuesday 31st July 2018, 9.55am (day 2,532)

Asleep on train, 31/7/18

My summer holiday has been a long time coming this year and there’s the rest of this week to get through yet. Despite the later start to the day, I still feel like this guy.

This will probably turn out to be the last shot taken by my Canon Power Shot SX710 camera which since its debut on 27th June 2015 has put in sterling service every day since, including getting up to the top of Kilimanjaro and back. But the lens cover has been requiring the intervention of fingers to retract successfully for some time now and it’s been randomly freezing up, to be recovered only by removing the battery. I took the plunge and invested in another model this morning. Farewell then to the old one, it still does work so I’ll keep it as a backup.

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Train doze

Tuesday 20th March 2018, 3.55pm (day 2,399)

Asleep on train, 20/3/18

Yes, this was me today (well, apart from the hair)…. and it’s only Tuesday…

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Morning on China Lane

Tuesday 30th January 2018, 9.40am (day 2,350)

China Lane, 30/1/18

China Lane, Manchester, was until relatively recently part of the old warehouse district. However, due to its proximity to Piccadilly station, in the 21st century it has become full of apartbouhotiques and bars where you can buy £7 glasses of Lithuanian stout with plates of felched scallop on the side. But at least there are still places to sleep.

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Tuesday 19th December 2017, 9.35am (day 2,308)

Asleep, 19/12/17

This was the first photo I took today, and while I did in the end go on to take more, I didn’t really need to. As soon as I saw this, I thought – this is me, today. This is how I feel.

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Monday 17th July 2017, 3.35pm (day 2,153)

Tired, 17/7/17

It’s actually not a bad place to catch forty winks, the train home — I manage it frequently. Like these two gentlemen, I am tired…. but have now just three days left before my summer break.

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Abingdon Street, Monday morning

Monday 26th September 2016, 9.45am (day 1,859)

Abingdon Street, 26/9/16

Abingdon Street is one of those little city centre back streets that I have found down the years and use because there is very little other traffic on it (wheeled or on foot). Hence why this guy can relax and have a kip, or indeed this guy, taken just on the other side of the road. Clearly it is a prime location in Manchester for morning constitutionals. Why the monochrome? It was the greyest day in weeks, and I felt like it.

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Taking a nap

Wednesday 8th June 2016, 9.35am (day 1,749)

Taking a nap, 8/6/16

He looks comfortable and well-dressed enough to assume this is not some permanent accommodation arrangement. Perhaps the explanation is just that this was another warm June day (though muggy).

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Sunday afternoon

Sunday 5th June 2016, 4.25pm (day 1,746)

White Lion yard, 5/6/16

Sunday afternoon, and a lazy one. Well, it was a very warm and sunny day and the last few days have been busy enough.

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Crashed out

Friday 13th May 2016, 6.10pm (CET) (day 1,723)

Crashed out, 13/5/16

The truly superstitious probably wouldn’t have booked to fly on Friday 13th, but I am not among them, and the flights didn’t seem any less busy to me. This one was taken somewhere between Moscow and Amsterdam on leg one of my journey home.

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