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Goalie, pylon, llama

Saturday 3rd April 2021, 3.10pm (day 3,509)

Goalie, pylon, llama, 3/4/21

Now here’s a fairly unique combination: witnessed on the edge of Burnley this afternoon. But as I typed the title of this post, it struck me that it sounded like one of those ‘what 3 words’ geolocation things. So I tried it, and magnificently, “goalie.pylon.llama” does correspond to a 3 x 3m square of land on South Island, New Zealand, to the west of the town of Greymouth — as this page proves. There could be a whole new game in this.

And yes, football’s back. In some ways, anyway.

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Lost ball (definitively so)

Saturday 7th December 2019, 2.25pm (day 3,026)

Lost ball, 7/12/19

OK, technically it’s not ‘lost’ but I would say this ball is pretty definitively out of action. You can imagine the sulky face on the eight-year old owner, however, as he tries grumpily to get Mum and Dad to acknowledge that if only he had a big enough stick all would be fine…

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Guys up the pylon

Tuesday 15th November 2016, 8.45am (day 1,909)

Pylon workers, 15/11/16

The line of pylons that reaches over the railway line around Mills Hill station has of late been the subject of building works, as seen here. So this photo fits itself into two vague categories of picture that I have been nurturing recently: blokes high up doing their jobs (like this one) and pictures of power installations taken at high speed from trains, as depicted last week. Do pylons count as ‘architecture’ (a more formal category of picture on this site)? Yes, I think they should. They dominate the landscape as much as any other engineered structure.

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