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Sunday 8th November 2020, 11.55am (day 3,363)

Gutter plant, 8/11/20

Not much to do other than look at plants again, and to save having a second ‘autumn colours in the mist’ shot in a row (though the woods looked good once more), let me instead document the reason why one of our gutters was overflowing onto the front step below. A garden cane with a fork taped to the end provided a solution. I bet you’re excited now… There went weekend no. 1 of House Arrest 2.0.

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Electronic child-sitting

Thursday 28th August 2014, 2.45pm (day 1,099)

Joe watching LOTR, 28/8/14

All my photos from today were very boring. It’s the fag butt of the summer holidays and we are marking time until everyone goes back to school and work next week. There have been days of romping through the fields and spinneys (well, sort of) but not today. And as you might notice, it’s a DVD that goes on for a while.

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