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In death, still reading

Friday 24th June 2022, 10.05am (day 3,956)

Sarcophagi, V & A, 24/6/22

A working week in London, and this becomes the third time that city has been the setting for five pictures in a row. Friday morning was spent at the Victoria & Albert museum, where this collection of sarcophagi reside. Whomever was the subject for the one second from bottom, they clearly wanted to be portrayed as studious, even in death.

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Outdoor reading companion

Monday 2nd August 2021, 3.40pm (day 3,630)

Reading fly, 2/8/21

You wait ages for a small insect and then two turn up in consecutive days. This fly hung around for a while; clearly it has an interest in Ted Nelson’s Literary Machines this afternoon. As did I.

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A good book

Wednesday 15th July 2020, 7.05pm (day 3,247)

Kes, 15/7/20

Started my time off with as low key a day as could be managed, even by recent standards.  Felt like picking up a good book, which this is, very much so: even if not a very long one. If you’ve never read this, you really should.  Pictured also in the foreground, the reading glasses that I now need to make sense of it.

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Reading in Russell Square

Thursday 31st January 2019, 12.40pm (day 2,716)

Reading in Russell Square, 31/1/19

Up and about again today, though not very far nor very energetically. This is the kind of vibe I am trying to affect at the moment.

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Joe in the school library

Wednesday 31st January 2018, 4.45pm (day 2,351)

Joe in library, 31/1/18

When I started doing this blog on 26/8/2011 Joe was nine years, five months and twenty-two days old. His first appearance was a few days in, sat in the Railway and looking really very small. Not any more. I guess he hasn’t reached his complete adult form yet, he is not fifteen for a few weeks, but he cannot be far off. This is his ninety-ninth appearance on the blog. Doubtless I will find good reason to mark the next one.

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A battered old favourite

Saturday 30th January 2016, 6.50pm (day 1,619)

Cuckoo's Nest, 30/1/16

Finally made it home, 24 hours behind schedule, and just before landing finished this for the umpteenth time. I know pretty much exactly when I bought this book — April 1989 at a gas station in Pennsylvania. As you can see, it’s certainly seen some attention since then. And rightly so; in my opinion it’s definitely one of the greatest novels ever written. If you’ve never read it, you really should.

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The reading room, Manchester Central library

Wednesday 8th October 2014, 12.40pm (day 1,140)

Reading room, 8/10/14

I was also here on Monday but blew my opportunity for a decent photo of it, so today gave me a second chance. Recently re-opened after what seems like years of renovation this is a classic, great, domed library reading room: too big, really, to get a photo of in its entirety, so today I tried a more intimate portrait. It’s great that I have had the chance to work in this excellent space this week, but then again, so has everyone else — for now, it’s open free to the public, you can just walk in. It’s called a public good, Mr. Cameron.

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A spot to read

Tuesday 27th May 2014, 2.50pm (day 1,006)

Afternoon reading, 27/5/14

Well, one can read just about wherever one likes, so yes, that is a pint also close at hand. Seasoned Drew followers will probably recognise the location of this shot.

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‘The Constant Gardener’

Tuesday 2nd July 2013, 8.00am (day 677)

The Constant Gardener, 2/7/13

As being uploaded on the train to Manchester this morning, by the inefficient but highly effective data collection form known as ‘reading’. The book in the background, by the way, belongs to my fellow Manchester academic Mike, whose surname I can never remember but who teaches English & American literature so reads things far more obscure than my relatively populist novel.

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