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Last Manchester shot (for a little while)

Friday 3rd August 2018, 9.40am (day 2,535)

Library Walk, 3/8/18

A nice, but generic, Manchester shot. But it suffices to make the point that it is the 29th August before I have to go back into the city again for work purposes.

O yes.

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James Fraser, Bishop of Manchester

Monday 9th February 2015, 9.00am (day 1,264)

Fraser and balloons, 9/2/15

James Fraser was Bishop of Manchester in the 1880s and like other prominent local men (always men) of that time is commemorated with this statue in Albert Square. Apparently he was pictured looking away from the Town Hall (behind) because he disliked it so much. Right now he can look at the Chinese lanterns that are dangling from the nearby trees in preparation for Chinese New Year in a couple of weeks. No festival celebrated too early.

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The new town hall

Wednesday 29th February 2012, 8.30am (day 188)

New town hall, 29/2/12Would have been nice to have somehow encapsulated, in a photo, the fact that today was the extra day of the Leap Year. But that proved beyond me, though it did amuse me that Joe was annoyed because this year he has to wait another day for his birthday (which is on Sunday).

So here is a picture of the building site that is Hebden Bridge’s new town hall; the scaffolding and cranes of which have been visible from our house for a few months now. A time-lapse project would have been nice – but too late now.

The Mac’s still in the shop so apologies for the erratic appearance of the posts at the moment.

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