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Weekend supplies

Friday 22nd January 2021, 4.20pm (day 3,438)

Wine and more wine, 22/1/21

If anyone in the UK has any better ideas for what to do with this Friday evening I’d love to hear them. Have a good weekend y’all.

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Pavement café culture (Yorkshire style)

Sunday 23rd August 2020, 4.15pm (day 3,286)

Pavement café, 23/8/20
I have been thinking about this, and have decided to declare this the one and only positive outcome of lockdown –‘this’ being the emergence of a UK pavement café culture.  We don’t necessarily have the weather for it, but hey, pubs and restaurants can invest in some umbrellas, as they do elsewhere. On sunny afternoons like this one, it doesn’t matter, and we can give it a shot.

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Clare awaits her lunch

Friday 25th January 2019, 1.40pm (day 2,710)

Clare at Carluccios, 25/1/19

The liquid refreshment has arrived, at least. A slightly late lunch…. but it’s nice to be on a weekend away. These two factors explain C’s look of contentment.

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Dice master

Sunday 29th July 2018, 7.35pm (day 2,530)

Joe, D&D, 29/7/18

On the wettest day for months, and trapped in the house, Joe initiates his parents into bizarre Dice Man-style games of chance, in which the family fortune teeters on the edge of a d20. The wine is Clare’s.

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Dinner, the aftermath

Thursday 9th March 2017, 11.05pm (day 2,023)

Helene after dinner, 9/3/17

I could have uploaded another picture of snowy land- or urban-scapes but let’s pay tribute to the people who have made my stay in Tromsø a highly enjoyable and hospitable one. Helene relaxes after dinner, and deserves to, as she cooked it — elk bourgignon apparently, a new one on me but it was very tasty. With plenty of wine to wash it down as you can see (not an inexpensive proposition in Norway). Thanks to everyone for having me…. back home tomorrow morning.

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Working on the train to Glasgow

Thursday 10th March 2016, 5.05pm (day 1,659)

Train to Glasgow, 10/3/16

I’m examining a doctoral thesis in Glasgow tomorrow and it’s too far to do as a day trip so I came up tonight. This shot was snapped during a spell of good light on the train, somewhere around Carlisle. The Mac shows that I’m still just about working at this point but it wasn’t to last much longer — then again, you try assimilating Michel Foucault’s The Archaeology of Knowledge past 5pm on a Thursday. But then again I did have wine (as seen bottom left).

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Enjoying a drink after work

Wednesday 3rd June 2015, 5.35pm (day 1,378)

Drink after work, 3/6/15

At least I had finished my work for the day by this point. Sometimes you just have to like the photo you got, while simultaneously wanting to apologise to the innocent model. There is still wine in the world, at least.

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My in-flight cup of wine

Thursday 30th October 2014, 3.30pm (UK time) (day 1,162)

Wine, 30/10/14

Got completely bored on the flight back from Moscow and started taking photos of my in-flight refreshment. Not an easy shot to get — with a bouncy child on the seat in front and poor ambient light. It passed 40 minutes, at least, and this was the best attempt.

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Wednesday 16th October 2013, 8.20am (day 783)

Decanting, 16/10/13

Made no greater excursion into the outside world than yesterday, and the weather was worse too, with this being perhaps the darkest and gloomiest day I’ve experienced since January. Racking off the blackberry wine was about the most interesting thing that was seen in the day. Ahhh, alcohol. It’s all just the excretions of yeast, you know. Fungus poo, in other words.

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Pre-Christmas lunch, Blackburn

Saturday 22nd December 2012, 2.15pm (day 485)

Wetherspoons, Blackburn, 22/12/12

Blackburn, Lancashire (as in ‘4,000 holes in…’). Why am I here? Because we were supposed to be going to see Blackburn Rovers v Brighton & Hove Albion, but there was some rain and the match was postponed because of a ‘waterlogged pitch’. Despite the fact that their considerably less-well-off neighbours at Accrington Stanley, five miles away, managed to play their game, as did every other club in the Championship today. We’d not come from that far away and were then going to my nearby parents anyway (see tomorrow’s picture), but some Brighton fans had set off from the south coast at 4am; the match was not postponed until 1.30pm. Bad show, Blackburn Rovers FC.

So here’s a picture of a side of a table in the Postal Order pub instead. I quite like the gaudy textures and patterns but at the same time muted colours, set off by that little semicircle of pink.

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