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Weekend supplies

Friday 22nd January 2021, 4.20pm (day 3,438)

Wine and more wine, 22/1/21

If anyone in the UK has any better ideas for what to do with this Friday evening I’d love to hear them. Have a good weekend y’all.

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Unexpected stash

Sunday 21st June 2020, 2.55pm (day 3,223)

Whisky samples, 21/6/20

A long-awaited visit to my family, unseen since lockdown began. A welcome interruption that highlighted how pointless all this is becoming. Why my sister Vicki was dishing out the whisky samples in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, well, that’s a story hidden beneath the surface of this picture. Particularly as I don’t even like the stuff. (I know whisky is a noble drink with much character and history: I just can’t stand it.)

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Celebratory champagne

Monday 12th January 2015, 7.10pm (day 1,236)

Champagne, 12/1/15

Clare had an exam today and on return home celebrated with a bottle of champagne we got for Christmas. Not that she knows whether or not she’s passed or not, but who needs such a specific excuse. This shot is taken from underneath, looking out our front door, through which the cork has just flown. I tried to get the truly decisive action shot, but that one didn’t work, this one is OK though.

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Mojito ingredients

Sunday 14th July 2013, 4.30pm (day 689)

Mojito ingredients, 14/7/13

Well, it’s something to do on a nice sunny summer Sunday, isn’t it. Good results, too.

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