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Joe pays a visit

Tuesday 5th July 2022, 12.45pm (day 3,967)

Joe by fridge, 5/7/22

It’s three-quarters of an hour into the afternoon, he’s still in his dressing gown and wearing odd socks. Guess a first year at uni hasn’t changed Joe all that much.

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Feet up (and lousy movie)

Sunday 28th March 2021, 5.45pm (day 3,503)

Feet up, 28/3/21

The rain came down, so another exciting weekend day was spent inside, thanks to Our Glorious Leaders still reckoning that indoor entertainment options will cause us all to shrivel with plague, or something. But, won’t this change as of tomorrow? My view is — don’t hold your breath.

And this movie was awful, by the way. I won’t name it. But if you can take what might have been a quite interesting plot twist and still make it as boring as the rest of the day, then that was quite an achievement.

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Monday 20th July 2020, 2.15pm (day 3,252)

Watershed, 20/7/20

I went on a walk today along the Rochdale Canal from Littleborough to Walsden. Along that route one passes across the main watershed of northern England, which is marked by this sculpture, and poetry that you may enjoy (although the third and fourth lines are illegible on this reproduction — my apologies).  If I were to have passed water at this spot, random chance would have led to it either bouncing to the left, and thus flowing into the Irish Sea at via the rivers Roch, Irwell and Mersey.  Or, to the right — to flow into the North Sea, via the Calder, Aire and Humber.  A very real line — as the poem says, a “liquid equinox” — but not a visible one, not without this memorial.  Nice touch.

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Taking it easy

Thursday 16th July 2020, 1.25pm (day 3,248)

Taking it easy, 16/7/20

I was resolved that today’s photo would depict a living person, after ten days of no one at all.  And so it does, in part.  Those of us still wishing to use the trains are doing so, casually.

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The last class of the year

Friday 1st May 2020, 9.25am (day 3,172)

Online teaching space, 1/5/20

It was my last scheduled teaching of the semester today. Normally we would have concluded this significant moment in the academic year by some kind of group photo, as on 4th May 2018, and said our goodbyes, at least amongst those I will not be supervising over the summer. There can be none of that this year. I sit in a room and talk to a laptop for an hour and twenty minutes and take questions here and there and that’s it. I do plenty of distance teaching anyway, so it’s not that I’m pissed off about this as such — but I miss people, and if you claim not to, then I worry for your sanity.

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Shoe shop (self-portrait)

Sunday 9th June 2019, 12.05pm (day 2,845)

Shoe shop, 9/6/19

After two new countries (new to the blog, at least) and several new locations over the last week and a half, the pendulum swings, and the next three weeks see me mainly at home. I can’t promise excitement but I will do my best, better than today I hope, anyway. As you can see I’m pondering a change of style. (Actually the shoes were being bought for Joe.) And more place-related trivia — the first ever weekend of the blog where both Saturday and Sunday shots were taken in Manchester.

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Putting my feet up

Sunday 16th December 2018, 4.00pm (day 2,670)

Feet up, 16/12/18

A very unexciting day today, not least because I had to work for much of it — but by this point, that is over, and there are only two more working days left for me until Christmas. Whether the break will get much more exciting than this, who knows; but as usual at this time of year, I couldn’t really care.

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Four-legged beast, Helsinki airport

Tuesday 7th August 2012, 3.40pm (day 348)

Four legged beast, 7/8/12

I’m away again. When heading east most of the day is spent travelling and there wasn’t much to see today. Snapped this while sat on the Finnair bus waiting to head into Helsinki city centre from the airport.

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The balloon seller, Manchester

Friday 4th May 2012, 3.10pm (day 253)

Balloon seller, 4/5/12

Walking back to the station I followed this lady for ages and tried to get several photos – I like this one in particular because of the woman on the left ignoring the whole spectacle (and the photographer). I must have followed her for five minutes and in all that time saw nothing but these feet.

It’s as well these things are appearing in my life as subjects because this is the longest run I’ve had all blog of pictures just in Hebden Bridge (home) or Manchester (work). Today was the 20th in a row in just these two locations. I’m off to the Lake District tomorrow though, then Denmark for 5 days on Wednesday.

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Waiting for midnight

Saturday 31st December 2011, 11.45pm (day 128)

Feet, NYE, 31/12/11

The feet are those of a fellow guest at the New Year’s Eve party to which we (including Joe) were invited. It wasn’t the most exciting party in the world but it was nice to be out on Dec 31st for the first time in 9 years, since Joe was born.

So ends 2011, the last 128 days of which have been documented here. All in all, it was an interesting year… 2012 is gearing up for more of the same. And I kept my 2011 New Year’s resolution: to take my photography more seriously. This blog is one manifestation of that. Happy New Year to you all, may it be a safe and fulfilling one whatever it brings.

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