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In the home end at Elland Road

Sunday 18th February 2018, 4.20pm (day 2,369)

Leeds fans, 18/2/18

When Elland Road has featured on here in the past (such as this pic from Feb 2012 — hey, six years ago), I have definitely been sat in the away fans’ end. I admit that down the years I have developed rather an antipathy towards Leeds United FC but nevertheless decided to make them my Championship entry in this season’s attempt of mine to see matches from as many different competitions as I can. And my verdict? Well, the fans are a fickle bunch to say the least, but they can certainly generate an atmosphere, particularly when watching their team come from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 and nearly win it with a final shot off the bar. But I’m not changing my habits, never fear. This will be the one and only shot from the home end I’ll ever publish…. (By the way, here it’s still ten minutes or so from kick-off, before you start mocking the empty seats.)

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The 16.16 train home at Victoria

Tuesday 17th November 2015, 4.15pm (day 1,545)

16.16 home, 17/11/15

Depressing and slightly weird day for various reasons so I lacked both inspiration and inclination to get the camera out much. Even when I did I had the ISO setting too low for such a grey, dull day so everything turned out blurred. Even this one is slightly defiled by the presence of the Leeds United shirt. But thus went my day. At least the trains were punctual.

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Elland Road

Saturday 11th February 2012, 4.45pm (day 170)

Elland Road, 11/2/12

Twenty years I have lived in Yorkshire. And much as I like the place, and like Leeds as a city, I have SO developed a complex about the fact that my team (Brighton) have not won here since I arrived. Twenty years I have had to put up with last-minute equalisers and condescension from the local Leeds fans. Twenty years I have had to live in the midst of an arrogant fanbase who despite several recent seasons in the third tier still seem to be living on the fact that in the 1970s they may have won a title or two.

Well – NOT TODAY. Today we WON, 2-1 with a last-minute goal – which as this photo is taken, has just gone in. And yes, you could say I’m rather happy this evening.

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Watching Brighton v Leeds in the Railway

Friday 23rd September 2011, 8.40pm (day 29)

Lds watching football, 23/9/11_low-res

God, it’s been a busy week. Even something like the Hippodrome seems a month ago. Came back from work late and knackered but instead of doing the sensible thing and going straight home I went and watched my lot on TV for the second time in 48 hours – my lot being Brighton, and as I live in West Yorkshire, I did so in a pub full of Leeds fans. At least they know me. 2-0 down after 25 minutes, we went 3-2 up with five minutes to go: buggers still equalised though didn’t they. Final score 3-3. I need to sleep.

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