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Cabinet, Hebden Bridge Antiques Centre

Saturday 7th December 2013, 3.00pm (day 835)

Retro cabinet, 7/12/13

We did our bit for the local economy with some local Christmas shopping today. Did we buy the Star Trek Barbie & Ken? Well, that would be telling.

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Koala (kind of)

Sunday 5th May 2013, 4.05pm (day 619)

Koala toy, 5/5/13

I have seen a few real koalas: most in captivity, including at the Lone Pine zoo here in Brisbane (where I also saw the cassowary); the only one I have seen in the wild was spotted on Kangaroo Island. This toy looks far more awake and alert than most of the real ones do, they are such dozy beasts. Maybe it’s the beer, or the frigid pipe on which he’s sat.

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