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The ducks get a shower

Tuesday 24th July 2018, 1.35pm (day 2,525)

Ducks in rain, 24/7/18

Rain…. briefly anyway. Enough to soak me on the way back from town as well as give these ducks a dousing on the river.

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Stepping stones

Sunday 8th April 2018, 2.55pm (day 2,418)

Stepping stones, 8/4/18

Last day before the return to work, and fortunately, the weather seems to have relented (for now) and decided to give us a taste of spring. A day for a short walk  in the woods then. I like the formal qualities of this shot, the way the parties on the other bank gather themselves into groups; though the two in the middle background seem to spoil it just a little bit.

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Pink litter

Monday 22nd January 2018, 12.20pm (day 2,342)

Pink litter, 22/1/18

Tory cuts notwithstanding there remains a decent municipal waste tip a couple of miles away and even if you can’t drive to that the council will pick up this kind of thing from your house. So, sorry, but what’s the fucking point in dumping a broken chair by the side of the river, in a now-inaccessible but visible and central spot, where it will presumably sit for several months? Mucky bloody bastards. I hate this kind of neglect. I could say it’s a middle-aged thing but actually I’ve always hated it.

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Will he kiss her?

Saturday 20th January 2018, 2.00pm (day 2,340)

Bench by the river, 20/1/18

He did do so, a couple of minutes later. Yes, I do have a photo of that moment as well, but there was too much flare on it and anyway they can keep their privacy in that respect.

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River frolics

Tuesday 23rd May 2017, 4.35pm (day 2,098)

River frolic, 23/5/17

The photo was taken, and it does epitomise what was a wonderfully sunny and warm day, particularly later on. But I frankly don’t really care what it was like or about, on what was another stellar day in recent British history. I was supposed to be going to Manchester today, but had an enforced day at home because of the closure of Manchester Victoria station for reasons of which I am sure you’re probably aware. At the moment I feel angry with just about everything.

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The Vltava, from Charles Bridge

Sunday 9th October 2016, 10.50am (day 1,872)

Vltava, 9/10/16

Quick walking tour of Prague this morning although as you can see it was a rather gloomy day. This picture is taken from the Charles Bridge, a lovely piece of medieval engineering art, and these days heaving with people, possibly the selfie centre of Europe. I pointed my camera upriver instead. The Vltava has its source at the southern edge of the Czech Republic and runs north into the Elbe, and eventually the North Sea.

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River Calder at Mytholmroyd

Tuesday 7th June 2016, 11.35am (day 1,748)

Calder at Mytholmroyd, 7/6/16

Mytholmroyd lies about a mile downstream from Hebden Bridge and was devastated by the 26th December flood, being inundated with over seven feet (more than two meters) of water. The hole in the line of buildings to the left was formerly a travel agency but collapsed into the river that day. I find it sad that in the line of shops behind there are still signs up saying ‘reopening 4th January after Christmas’ and the like. Still, it looked sylvan enough today, though what the guy is doing in the river, I have no idea.

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Heron, Hebden Water

Wednesday 17th February 2016, 9.45am (day 1,637)

Heron, 17/2/16

It could be sharper and it ain’t gonna win any wildlife photography contests, but I’m glad this baby was fishing in the river this morning when I went shopping down in the town, because otherwise I was home all day working and there was nothing to see…. But herons are always good for a shot. Handsome creatures. That neck-spring-and-dagger-beak combination must be a fish’s worst nightmare.

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Punts on the Cam, at St John’s College

Wednesday 6th January 2016, 3.15pm (day 1,595)

River Cam, 6/1/16

By many reckonings, the University of Cambridge is considered the best in the world. Today was my first-ever visit there, and what struck me is that it’s so goddamn small. Even Oxford feels like a city, but this place is just a little town in the Fens. Beautiful though, even on another grey January day (I’ve literally seen ten minutes of sunshine all year thus far). I thought I might struggle to catch a photo of a punt, but there were loads of them on the River Cam, including two for the price of one in this shot. Tourists on the right, but the guy on the left does look as if he is just using the punt as your basic local transport option.

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High water

Sunday 15th November 2015, 2.50pm (day 1,543)

High water, 15/11/15

A lot of rain overnight, and the Hebden Water was today as high as I have seen it since the floods of June/July 2012. But most — if not absolutely all — of the town was spared damage; the rain stopped just in time. Let’s hope there isn’t more before it has had time to go down a bit.

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