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Perpetual motion

Sunday 1st July 2018, 12 noon (day 2,502)

Lego balls, 1/7/18

Clare does Lego, so for the second time, we visited Bricktastic where there were many examples of the art of building just about anything with small plastic bricks (and many other components). The machines that, via a variety of means, transported hundreds of balls round and round the room were works of pointless genius. Moving parts and low lights meant I had to use a flash to capture them hence the hopeless over-exposure of this shot, but so it goes sometimes.

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Brickadilly Station

Saturday 2nd July 2016, 1.05pm (day 1,773)

Brickadilly, 2/7/16

As made of Lego and pictured at “Bricktastic 2016” in Manchester, to which Joe and I accompanied Clare for our day out today — and this was very definitely her gig (for reasons that might be obvious if you have seen her own daily photo blog). She won the star prize in the raffle, too — a £170-worth Lego kit for a £2 ticket, not bad going. I like this photo of a Lego version of Manchester Piccadilly station thanks to the two guys in the background trying to get their own shot of it. I wonder if I was in the way.

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