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Crawling Action Man

Saturday 18th April 2020, 3.10pm (day 3,159)

Crawling Action Man, 18/4/20

As lockdown (British-style) extends into its second month we find our visual pleasures where we can, including in cute toys with retro 70s appeal — militaristic, yes, but look! press a button on his back and he crawls along the carpet. Great fun for about thirty seconds or so.

Action Man’s second appearance on the blog (after one was snapped on the top of a mountain in the Lake District on 1/3/12). Neither of them mine, I will add.

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The summit of Barf

Thursday 1st March 2012, 2.00pm (day 189)

Summit of Barf, 1/3/12With no computer at the moment it’s difficult to work properly so I went on a walk, which I enjoyed despite cloudy weather. 160 Lakeland fells done now – 54 to go (see the other blog for details).

Barf was today’s highlight. That really is the name of this mountain, by the way (apparently it is a version of a word that means ‘a low hill’). While on the summit, this couple placed Action Man here on the cairn, to take a photo of it ‘for our grandson’, Nice idea! So I stole it. The idea, that is, not the Action Man.

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