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Wednesday 4th October 2017, 6.10pm (day 2,232)

Cloudscape, 4/10/17

The light over landscapes can be capricious so by no means do they always look the same, but nevertheless there is a certain permanence about them. Cloudscapes, on the other hand, are totally transient. This beauty, which formed itself over southern Sweden today as I made my way home, will never be seen again… except here.

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ENWI symposium

Wednesday 30th September 2015, 11.25am (day 1,497)

ENWI seminar, 30/9/15

A classic symposium/conference scene. The speaker emotes to present his point to a bunch of guys looking at their laptops. Ah well, probably the rest of the audience were paying attention; although your humble diarist can’t criticise seeing as he’s just taking a photo at this point.

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Norra Hamnagatan, Gothenburg

Tuesday 29th September 2015, 3.55pm (day 1,496)

Norra Hamnagatan, 29/9/15

Sweden makes it back onto the blog exactly two years after my last (and only previous) visit. With a population of just shy of a million Gothenburg is the second-largest city in that country. As you can see, it was a beautiful day. However, can’t say I’ve seen much of it (the day or the city), spending most of today in the building to the left, the city museum, for the seminar I’m attending here, hence Schiphol yesterday. The canal seen here doesn’t seem to have a name: Norra Hamnagatan is the street on the left side of this shot.

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Lunch at ‘Masala’

Tuesday 1st October 2013, 12.50pm (day 768)

Almeera, 1/10/13

Second, and last, day here at the Högeskolan i Borås, and a very nice lunch at this Indian restaurant with three colleagues, including Ameera, the centrepiece of this picture. It’s been a nice stay here in Sweden, but too short: I hope to be back one day however.

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Bodhi sculpture, Borås

Monday 30th September 2013, 6.50pm (day 767)

Bodhi sculpture, 30/9/13Well, here I am in another new country for me – Sweden. I won’t see much of it, being here for under 48 hours all told, and just in this one small city, Borås, which is in the south of the country, not far from Gothenburg. Its claims to fame, so I can tell or have been told, are that — it is the home of the country’s most prestigious Library and Information Science School (this is why I’m here); is the textile capital of Sweden; it is the home of IF Elfsborg, football champions of Sweden in 2012; and it has a lot of sculpture, including this rather tasteful piece of work not far from the bus station, known, apparently, as ‘Bodhi’ (meditator). As of yet however, I have failed to find any particularly good beer here. Which is also worth noting.

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