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Rock photos exhibition, UoM

Friday 10th February 2023, 1.10pm (as you can see) (day 4,187)

Rock photos exhibition, 10/2/23

So little time do I spend on campus these days that I had not noticed the great exhibition of old Manchester rock scene photographs in the main canteen, in University Place. Some superb pictures: notice Ian Curtis to bottom left, the rest of Joy Division above, and then Tony Wilson, Peter Saville and Alan Erasmus (Factory Records more or less) under the relevant sign.

Fantastic to look at; but I wonder whether it’s wasted on the students, most of whom, let’s face it, have been born since 2000 AD and unless they have very cool parents haven’t the slightest idea who Joy Division are or ever were — particularly if they come from China. It’s not a value judgment.

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Tear down the wall

Tuesday 16th March 2021, 9.05am (day 3,491)

The Wall, 16/3/21

I don’t pose or stage photos for this blog. But sometimes I do choose them in advance. A year ago today I was walking in the Lake District. When I got home, all had changed. So, today, to mark one year since Bojo the Clown couldn’t decide what else to do and stuck us all under house arrest, here’s a tribute to a certain early 1980s rock album with which some of you may be familiar. The walls must come down, there is no alternative. How this happens is largely up to us: even if Authority will insist it’s up to them.

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Bassist, the Dictators

Thursday 4th August 2016, 9.20pm (day 1,806)

Dictators bassist, 4/8/16

I do the blog with a fairly crappy compact camera that needs replacing, only I can’t afford to at the moment. Rock gigs are like football matches, I’d probably be able to capture much better images of them if I had a proper lens or flash unit; in the low ambient light the participants tend to need to be stationary, which doesn’t happen that much. Best effort from tonight, where me, Clare and about 50 other people turned up to watch The Dictators go through their set: a band that can be dated by the fact they appear on a compilation I picked up last year of, not 70s punk, but 70s pre-punk… There were a few of people in the room aged under 40. But only a couple.

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The drummer

Saturday 5th December 2015, 9.35pm (day 1,563)

NMA drummer, 5/12/15

Michael Dean, drummer of New Model Army, goes for it during tonight’s set at the Academy… It would be lovely to be able to get close-up shots at gigs with all the sweat and energy of a rock band but my days of mixing it in the moshpit have passed, sorry. Not a bad shot for someone standing more meekly nearer the back, with a long zoom, however.

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In the crowd — Nine Inch Nails, Manchester

Sunday 25th May 2014, 10.20pm (day 1,004)

Nine Inch Nails, 25/5/14

Tough choice today! Felt moved to do a Flickr album for the first time in ages as I felt I had a few to choose from. In the end though I went with this one, of the crowd rather than the band, because I was trying for ages to capture this bloke with a good combination of arm position and lighting, and then when I did so, the focus is all wrong — but! It still works.

Oh and by the way. NIN rock.

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