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Running rhinoceros

Sunday 22nd February 2015, 10.35am (day 1,277)

Rhino runner, 22/2/15

As seen in the Brighton half marathon this morning, one of 12,000 runners (a number which included our Clare) but the best-dressed, in their way. I know this image is a bit technically dubious, but hey, sometimes you get only one chance to capture the sight. Now I just need to think of a way to work “Loading” into the deeper meaning somehow.

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Preparations for filming

Tuesday 13th August 2013, 11.15am (day 719)

Studio, before filming, 13/8/13

The tripod, the docked iPod, the discarded costumery; the wife must want one of her routines filming. Happy to oblige.

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Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade 2013

Saturday 22nd June 2013, 12.50pm (day 667)

Handmade Parade, 22/6/13

It was on this weekend last year that the summer in Hebden Bridge took a decided turn for the worse. The evening of 22/6/12 saw the first of two floods hit the town centre, an event which appeared on this blog only the following morning. The 2012 Handmade Parade did take place, albeit a week later than originally scheduled and produced this picture — that event becoming a kind of gesture of defiance in the face of the damage the town had suffered (though if it was a plea for mercy it was not answered; there was still 9th July to come, but more on that in two weeks’ time). The 2013 Parade could run as planned and became an anniversary celebration, the town still getting together in an amazing burst of creativity that impresses me each year, though I’ll never be part of it; I like photographing it too much.

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