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Sunrise and Stoodley Pike

Thursday 13th September 2018, 6.40am (day 2,576)

Stoodley Pike sunrise, 13/9/18

The monument atop Stoodley Pike is visible for much of the train journey from Hebden Bridge to Todmorden, but the best view of it comes at the end, as one crosses the viaduct just prior to Todmorden station. You get about five seconds to see it properly before trees, then the station buildings, obscure the view. Seeing as I experience this view every time I get a train to Manchester (as long as I’m sat on the left), in a sense I have been waiting over seven years to offer up a version of this picture on the blog: so if I remain committed to never repeating myself, let’s only show it when it seems particularly worth it. Did it make the 5:35am alarm call (and 7:45am arrival in the office) worthwhile? Er…. mildly, I guess.

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Thursday 8th March 2018, 7.15am (day 2,387)

Pink tipped mountains, 8/3/18

Early flight home out of Tromsø. The first half-hour was spectacular: a panorama of seemingly endless white mountains, the tips tinted pink by the rising sun. Felt like asking for compensation from SAS as I had a rather grubby window beside my seat, but did manage to get a couple of tolerable shots. This one is impressive, first, because of the scale and prominence of the rocky towers on both peaks: measurable from the fact that the shadows cast by both are quite visible on the slopes behind (it’s clearer with the right-hand peak).

But I swear it was only later I realised how closely these resemble… well.. if you can’t see it, translate the title of the post out of Norwegian. Please tell me I’m not the only one that thinks this.

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Frosty morning, Cambridgeshire (or possibly Hertfordshire)

Tuesday 29th November 2016, 7.55am (day 1,923)

Frosty morning, 29/11/16

Another beautiful day — as have been many over the last four months, it cannot be denied. A very sharp frost, which lasted all day, across the entire country (I saw enough of it today — I know this); but once more, cloudless blue skies. I spent it entirely either on a train or working at home, so did not manage to capture it that adequately, but here’s my best effort from early this morning, as the train out of Cambridge whisked me through some rural county or other.

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The summit of Howes

Thursday 8th September 2016, 7.05am (day 1,841)

Howes summit, 8/9/16

When I came back and reflected on my climb up Kilimanjaro last summer, one thing I was pleased about was the thought that ‘at least I got a decent bloody photo of the summit’ (I mean this one). After all the effort, physical, financial and more, that it had taken to reach it, I would have been rather irritated had I not managed to match all that with a decent picture. But I feel I fulfilled that photography brief.

The same thing applies today. From starting walking at 11.30am on Wednesday morning to finishing at 10 this morning I have tramped through a lot of rather dreary and boggy moorland, spent last night three miles from the nearest other person using facilities that were basic to say the least and, from about 8am this morning anyway, got very wet. But I hope you like this photo, because to me it makes it worthwhile. How many times do we get the chance to be somewhere like this, and 1930 feet above sea level, at 7am on a Thursday morning? Make the most of it…. that’s what it’s all about isn’t it. Making the most of it.

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On the road from Dar

Sunday 26th July 2015, 7.05am (day 1,431)

Road from Dar, 26/7/15

From sunset in Turkey to sunrise the following morning in Tanzania. Taken from the back of the minibus into which I and seventeen of my fellow walkers were packed, on our ten-hour journey north to the Kilimanjaro region. No idea where we are at this point, so the records will have to show the location as “unspecified”, but the beautiful landscapes we passed through boded well for the walk to come.

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Sunrise wing

Sunday 5th April 2015, 6.15am (British summer time) (day 1,319)

Sunset wing, 5/4/15 Taken somewhere over Wales on our final descent into Manchester this morning, allowing for the time difference a 19-hour journey door to door. The humps in the foreground are the wing and engine; behind are various hills poking above a layer of mist and fog.

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View from my room at the Crowne Plaza hotel

Thursday 20th September 2012, 8.15am (day 392)

Moscow river, 20/9/12

Utterly glorious day in Moscow today, as good as any have been on this blog so far. I was pretty sure this was going to be today’s picture as soon as I took it, but when fully ‘developed’ I did notice imperfections around the sun – due to it being taken through glass. Nevertheless I decided to go with it because the thrill of having this as literally the first thing I saw this morning when I pulled back the curtains in my room stayed with me. The ‘spires’ are the Hotel Ukrainia, which has appeared before on this blog, and for me is one of the most spectacular buildings in this city – one day I will treat myself and stay there.

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Early morning, Platform 1

Thursday 13th September 2012, 7.05am (day 385)

Station sunrise, 13/9/12

Fourth and final day of the ALT-C conference, but the picture is not of Manchester today: this is Hebden Bridge station, as you probably recognise by now. An early morning after a late return the night before. Ow.

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The one decent thing about air travel

Thursday 29th March 2012, 7.20am (day 217)

Above Domodedovo, 29/3/12

Well, there’s the views and then there’s the chance to get wine 24 hours a day (and sometimes for free). Oh yeah, and the occasional decent movie. (Watched The Ides of March today. Recommended.)

This photo was taken 5 minutes after take-off from Domodedovo airport, Moscow.

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Travelling again: at Manchester Airport

Tuesday 17th January 2012, 8.25am (day 145)

Manchester Airport, 17/1/12

Back from the Lakes yesterday afternoon – and off again today, to Bergen once more.

Yesterday I walked through Skiddaw Forest and talked to no one and had a really good time, felt at peace, part of a natural environment. Today I flew first to Copenhagen then to Bergen and talked to no one and felt isolated, cut off from the world, shuttled through the antiseptic and artificial world of the business traveller. I’m sat now in an anonymous hotel with anonymous food in my belly and while I’m looking forward to, tomorrow, getting on with the next instalment of my work here, today has just been dead time.

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