The summit of Howes

Thursday 8th September 2016, 7.05am (day 1,841)

Howes summit, 8/9/16

When I came back and reflected on my climb up Kilimanjaro last summer, one thing I was pleased about was the thought that ‘at least I got a decent bloody photo of the summit’ (I mean this one). After all the effort, physical, financial and more, that it had taken to reach it, I would have been rather irritated had I not managed to match all that with a decent picture. But I feel I fulfilled that photography brief.

The same thing applies today. From starting walking at 11.30am on Wednesday morning to finishing at 10 this morning I have tramped through a lot of rather dreary and boggy moorland, spent last night three miles from the nearest other person using facilities that were basic to say the least and, from about 8am this morning anyway, got very wet. But I hope you like this photo, because to me it makes it worthwhile. How many times do we get the chance to be somewhere like this, and 1,930 feet above sea level, at 7am on a Thursday morning? Make the most of it…. that’s what it’s all about isn’t it. Making the most of it.

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