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Dull day

Monday 14th November 2022, 10.05am (day 4,099)

Dull day, 14/11/12

A dull day in every sense. The glorious sunshine that we experienced on Saturday has been replaced by grey mist and drizzle. This explains a lot about the British psyche. Don’t get used to it being nice, because within a couple of days it’ll all turn to crud again.

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The Mytholmroyd salt mines

Monday 14th March 2022, 3.25pm (day 3,854)

Salt mines, 14/3/22

Salt stores were once kept in order to preserve food: a matter of life and death, hundreds of years ago. Nowadays we use them to grit the roads — and not even that much, in this relatively mild winter. But I guess this monumental pile of sodium chloride will last until next year, if needed then.

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Ladder Hill, from afar

Saturday 13th November 2021, 12.30pm (day 3,733)

Ladder Hill, 13/11/21

Sunshine has actually been at a premium thus far, and I’ve been waiting to give you more of the panorama from my place of incarceration until the light gets better. But a burst of it after lunch did today illuminate the distant Ladder Hill. So named as it is the top of Jacob’s Ladder, visible heading down to the right — an infamous 700-step climb up from Jamestown below. People run up this for fun, so I’ve been told. Rest assured that once I get out of here, I shall not be joining them.

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On the hillside

Saturday 6th March 2021, 2.30pm (day 3,481)

Sheep on hillside, 6/3/21

As we approach the first anniversary of the Great Fear, Saturdays have largely become the most uneventful day of the week. My activity, or otherwise, on them has become governed by the weather. This aftenroon was very pleasant — so out I went. The local sheep population had a spring in its step, too.

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Hebden hillside

Sunday 6th September 2020, 2.05pm (day 3,300)

Hebden hillside, 6/9/20

Hebden Bridge does have its verticals, and we don’t normally see the sight depicted here as our house lies a (scale) inch or so off to the left of this shot.  This was taken from the other side of the valley, on the Heptonstall road.

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The Wrekin in mist

Tuesday 18th August 2020, 5.10pm (day 3,281)

The Wrekin, 18/8/20

This would be a nicer photo without the bushes in front, but I took it from a car, stopped in the middle of a road, in order to capture the sight of this hill wreathed in mist.  This is the Wrekin, a well-known protuberance in Shropshire, and one that Clare and I had just hauled ourselves up in weather much like this — on occasion there was mist and cloud, in other parts, clear skies. Another County Top done, anyway.

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