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Trades Club, Friday night

Friday 12th January 2018, 9.50pm (day 2,332)

Glitterball, 12/1/18

Planet Glitterball oversees the fun and frolics at the Friday night disco in the Trades Club. I remember going out. Not necessarily coming home, but that’s a story for Saturday morning. Perhaps.

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Red Helen

Friday 17th November 2017, 9.25pm (day 2,276)

Red Helen, 17/11/17

Red Helen DJs at the Nutclough City Limits night at the Trades Club every couple of months or so. She used to run the legendary Brighton Beach nights in Leeds. We are lucky to have her. This woman is one of the few people in the world who can get me dancing. As happened tonight.

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Bar at the Trades Club

Saturday 10th December 2016, 11.20pm (day 1,934)

Trades bar, 10/12/16

This blog has simple rules, and only a few of them, but I stick to them, and they shape what appears in subtle ways. The one about only using what ambient light is present at the scene certainly does, and is the reason why there end up being relatively few photos like this one. I do have a social life…  but I don’t have expensive lenses and I don’t carry around a tripod so in low-light environments like clubs, it’s just very difficult to produce decent shots. Still, this one isn’t bad, and depending on what happens for the rest of today (I post on Sunday morning) you might yet get another shot from the Trades Club’s ‘Spectrum’ 80s music night for tomorrow, too. A good night out was had all round…

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The backstage door

Saturday 15th December 2012, 7.45pm (day 478)

Before the show, 15/12/12

A Saturday night out is about to start, not just for me but for many people. I’m very happy with this shot, an occasion where it all (composition, lighting, mood) turned out exactly as I hoped it would when I took it.

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