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My hosts: Gareth and Moonlight

Sunday 22nd January 2023, 9.50am (day 4,168)

Gareth and Moonlight, 22/1/23

After booking the second set of flights to and from St Helena, and a couple of airport hotels, the travel budget was well and truly spent: there is literally £5 left of the £5,000 we were granted back in 2021 to do this project. So over the next two weeks I am crashing with these two good individuals, Mr. Gareth Drabble and Moonlight the cat, to whom I must defer. The guitar case is representative of both of them too: Gareth plays. Moonlight sleeps in it sometimes.

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Rodney, at home

Monday 28th June 2021, 3.00pm (day 3,595)

Rodney, 28/6/21

Today, just a portrait of a mate in his natural habitat. Where we’ve all spent too much time lately, let’s face it.

As far as I can tell — and I might have it wrong ± a couple — this is the 3,000th English picture to feature on here. Almost half of these (and 41% of the whole total) have been taken in Hebden Bridge, but this one is just down the road in Mytholmroyd.

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Music man (and fish man)

Thursday 16th May 2019, 12.35pm (day 2,821)

Busker, 16/5/19

Buskers have been around longer than most professions. We used to call them minstrels, but the whole singing for one’s supper thing is much the same as it was in the time of King Arthur. Fishmongers have been around for a while too.

This is a rare photowhack — the only photo taken today.

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Dead guitar

Tuesday 27th December 2016, 4.10pm (day 1,951)

Dead guitar, 26/12/16

Restarted work today, albeit at home; and herein lies my photographic challenge for the next couple of weeks, as I’m really not doing a great deal else until about January 8th. This will be a very long run of Hebden Bridge pictures on the blog. This ex-guitar caught my eye today — apparently it is about to be customised (I believe the youth of today would say ‘pimped’) as part of Joe’s art homework. I like the shot because it is obviously a guitar, but could take a second glance to determine why it is a dead one.

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Chequers pub, Brighton

Friday 21st October 2016, 10.35pm (day 1,884)

Chequers pub, 21/10/16

It’s Clare’s birthday on Wednesday, one of those significant ones — or rather, one that we culturally choose to assign significance to because it has a zero at the end. Anyway, the celebrations are taking place in various locations over the next few days and start this weekend with her & I going down to Brighton, where this shot is taken. It’s a mess I know, but so are most things by 10.35pm on a Friday night out; the time makes this the latest shot on the blog since June 2015.

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Guitar in pub, Sunday evening

Sunday 25th October 2015, 8.50pm (day 1,522)

Guitar, 25/10/15

Took Clare out tonight as it is her birthday tomorrow. Proof I am not normally the dirty-stop-out type comes by noting this is the latest shot in any given day for three months, since 24th July. But the clocks went back last night, it was dark by 5pm so I have to get used to shooting in low light again.

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Farmers’ Market, the Oval, London

Saturday 12th April 2014, 11.20am (day 961)

Oval farmers market, 12/4/14

I’d rather the bright red cooler wasn’t there but otherwise I think this is a reasonable summation of this event, which Clare & I stopped off in for breakfast after our night out in London (* not depicted on this blog). The queue for the tea stand was interminable. I like the blossoms too, which up north have faded rather, but in London remain in full flower.

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The electric guitar

Sunday 2nd March 2014, 4.45pm (day 920)

Electric guitar, 2/3/14

Joe has graduated up recently from his acoustic to this axe. Note the book of music as well — his choice (he is often observed putting the very brilliant Won’t Get Fooled Again on jukeboxes). A boy of taste.

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Wednesday market, Hebden Bridge

Wednesday 15th January 2014, 8.55am (day 874)

Wednesday market, 15/1/14

A regular Wednesday event in town. If you want to buy a guitar in Hebden before 9am on a Wednesday morning in January, this is the place to do it, clearly.

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Outside the Harvest Festival event

Saturday 13th October 2012, 2.40pm (day 415)

Guitar, 13/10/12

Held in the building across the road from us, and we were in attendance because of our stewardship of our allotment. Not that there’s been much of a harvest this year, because of the wet weather, but still, this wasn’t a bad event, particularly when the guitarist stopped playing.

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