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Tear down the wall

Tuesday 16th March 2021, 9.05am (day 3,491)

The Wall, 16/3/21

I don’t pose or stage photos for this blog. But sometimes I do choose them in advance. A year ago today I was walking in the Lake District. When I got home, all had changed. So, today, to mark one year since Bojo the Clown couldn’t decide what else to do and stuck us all under house arrest, here’s a tribute to a certain early 1980s rock album with which some of you may be familiar. The walls must come down, there is no alternative. How this happens is largely up to us: even if Authority will insist it’s up to them.

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Catherine at work

Friday 21st August 2020, 10.40am (day 3,284)

Cath the bath, 21/8/20

A reason we went away this week in particular was that our bathroom was being redecorated so it was advisable to be out of the house.  This job was ably undertaken by Catherine, pictured here in the process of grouting our newly tiled floor, and her assistant Simon.  All is now back in use and looking much better, so thanks (and money) are due to them both.

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Bathroom ballet class

Monday 13th April 2020, 12.35pm (day 3,154)

Bathroom ballet, 13/4/20

Some forms of exercise can still be taken out of the house, but not Clare’s weekly ballet class. That’s gone online, and into the bathroom, on this latest public holiday-that-was-not-a-holiday.

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Ducks (sort of)

Monday 4th December 2017, 10.30am (day 2,293)

Bathroom ducks, 4/12/17

The last two Mondays I have been on the 06:59 train into Manchester but fortunately this week could start in a much more gentle way, with a whole day working at home. But days like these don’t give out much in the way of photo opportunities. Hence the ducks. Of course, the one on the left is actually a seagull.

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Ingredients: essence of trademark

Tuesday 1st March 2016, 8.40am (day 1,650)

Essence of trademark, 1/3/16

March began with foul, grey weather and I never left the house. This caught my eye in the morning; there are just so many things to admire…. The unexplained combinations, like “fruitliquid” and “waterjuice” (the latter with a trademark)… What is “yuzu”, whether frozen or not? And “pomelo essence”? What are EFAs? Why are these things necessary in life?

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Bathroom window sill

Tuesday 19th November 2013, 11.15am (day 817)

Bathroom window, 19/11/13

A day working at home, which I haven’t done for a while. By this time in the year the morning sun is too low to get above the hillside behind, and the house will only see afternoon sunlight until February. There’s a reason all our living rooms are on one side of the building: the bathroom, like the kitchen, is on the dark side of the house.

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Clare in the bathroom

Sunday 6th May 2012, 1.50pm (day 255)

Clare, bathroom, 6/5/12

The world outside struggles slowly into something that resembles spring. Meanwhile, in our house, an ordinary kind of Sunday; Clare in red corsetry reading a book in the bathroom, and wondering whether the blue ball in the bath is going to spring into life, like Rover in The Prisoner.

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