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Study in blue, yellow and social distancing

Thursday 6th August 2020, 3.00pm (day 3,269)

Blue, yellow and Covid, 6/8/20

Somehow the little guy on the pedestrian crossing sign just adds to the concept.  We are now all islands.  Or, supposed to be, by official decree.

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Platform 1, Leeds station

Tuesday 10th September 2019, 2.10pm (day 2,938)

Leeds station, 10/9/19

More monochrome, but it felt right. The position of the half-seen guard may or may not be a sign of despair at the state of the local train service.

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The Parkinson Building, University of Leeds

Saturday 20th October 2018, 8.50pm (as you can see) (day 2,613)

Parkinson building, 20/10/18

A Saturday night out in Leeds. However, there are no photos of that, thanks to fascist doormen who seemed to be worried that my Mario Testino-style gear (cost of camera, £250) would somehow be a threat to image rights the world over. So here, instead, is the architectual centrepiece of the place where, many years ago — 25 this year, in fact (good grief) — I first came as a student. It’s still a cool building. And all in all a nicer campus than the one I presently work on (sorry, Manchester, but it’s true).

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Platform 5, Leeds station

Saturday 4th February 2017, 4.10pm (day 1,990)

Platform 5 Leeds, 4/2/17

Once again, Leeds becomes the place to change trains when on the way to somewhere else for an evening out: but once again it was quite fertile territory for photography today, bathed in golden late afternoon light. I had a couple to choose from today but in the end went with this one due to the randomly bendy child. Like a stray piece of wind just tried to whisk him away.

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Bobby Gillespie (Rock God)

Saturday 17th September 2016, 7.30pm (day 1,850)

Bobby Gillespie, 17/9/16

It was in 1990 that I first heard the band Primal Scream, when my then-flatmate Dave played me their eponymous second album. In the two and a half decades since they have released some complete shite, it has to be said, but also many moments of brilliance (like the whole album XTRMNTR for a start). And in those 26 years despite never giving up on them and them refusing to turn into their own tribute band (like so many of their peers) I have never seen them live.

Until today 🙂

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Stand F, Infirmary Street, Leeds

Friday 16th September 2016, 5.25pm (day 1,849)

Bus stand F, 16/9/16

The first of what should be three days’ photos from Leeds. Today was spent there working, at least until 5pm… the next two will not be work. This is the kind of shot that only really works if one gets the symmetry exactly right, so what do you think?

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Ellie and Maggie

Sunday 3rd July 2016, 3.00pm (day 1,774)

Ellie and Maggie, 3/7/16

Back in January 2015 Ellie (left, at that time aged 8 months) and Maggie (right) appeared on the blog in consecutive days; here they are together. Hard to credit that in the intervening 18 months Ellie has grown from a baby into a little girl with an entire functioning vocabulary. Time passes, we all change…

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Friday morning, Leeds station

Friday 8th April 2016, 8.50am (day 1,688)

Leeds station, 8/4/16

Another trip down South, meaning another morning change of trains at Leeds station — so many shots have been taken here. I like the general pinkness of this shot and the everyday stance of the two human subjects. Mundane it may be, but attractive, I think.

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Seagulls in Whitelocks

Saturday 17th October 2015, 1.50pm (day 1,514)

Seagulls in Whitelocks, 17/10/15

Oh, it’s always very nice to go to Leeds and win, although we (Brighton) seem to be making a habit of it… a 2-1 victory makes it six wins in our last seven games against Yorkshire’s ‘finest’. Tim and Jamie on the left constitute the other half (with Joe & I) of the Calderdale Seagulls… being based in the local area this is the one we want to win the most. I seem unable to take decent action shots of any football match, probably because I get too involved, but this picture encapsulates my day just fine.

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Board games festival

Saturday 29th August 2015, 4.55pm (day 1,465)

Meepfest, 29/8/15

Anyone who has documented every day of their lives online for more than four years cannot but be at least part-geek, so things like festivals of board games appeal to me, and I wasn’t even the member of the family who initiated this trip to “MeepFest” in Leeds today. (No, it wasn’t Joe either.) Great setting, a church in Leeds now converted to an arts centre. Good fun gaming, too.

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