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Sunbeams on a New Year’s Day

Saturday 1st January 2022, 1.05pm (day 3,782)

Sunbeams, Dewsbury, 1/1/22

Welcome to 2022, and if all the days of weather are as good as 1st January, that will be fine by me. A beautiful day, and quite warm. I realise this would be a better photo without the foliage to the left but I couldn’t move it, and with limited positions from which this view was visible I decided I’d rather capture the sunbeams before they disappeared.

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New Year Robin

Wednesday 1st January 2020, 10.55am (day 3,051)

Robin, 1/1/20

Welcome to 2020. As with 1/1/19, the weather on the first day of this new year was glorious, and may the rest be the same (it won’t happen). I can’t imagine that life as a small bird is easy in the winter but this robin (like others of its species) seems to have humanity sussed: I was digging over part of the garden when he turned up, clearly waiting for me to finish so it could get at the worms with that dagger-like beak and fill its belly before the frosts come (if they ever do).

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New Year’s Day at the Railway

Tuesday 1st January 2019, 7.40pm (day 2,686)

NYD Railway, 1/1/19

One reason I didn’t go out yesterday was because there’s always today. Start as you mean to go on? Perhaps. Happy New Year.

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South stand, the Shay (and new moon)

Sunday 1st January 2017, 4.40pm (day 1,956)

South stand, Shay, 1/1/17

Watching a game in the sixth tier of English football — the National League North — might seem an unusual way to see in 2017, but Joe, me and 2,509 other people decided it was worth doing today; numbers which help explain the strength of the sport in this country. Halifax Town 2, Darlington 2 was the final score, a good game, quite exciting, though from listening to the home fans around Joe and I you’d think it had been a disaster of Iceland v England proportions. I worry that this shot is a bit messy, but I like the crescent moon visibleĀ  to top left, so let’s give it a go. I prefer it to most pictures I get at football matches, anyway, even if it is slightly out-of-focus.

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A fluddle

Thursday 1st January 2015, 5.35pm (day 1,225)

Fluddle, 1/1/15

It’s bigger than a puddle, but not quite big enough to be a flood. Hence, a fluddle, pictured at the back of the George pub in Torrisholme, Morecambe. However the first day of 2015 panned out for you, here in north-west Lancashire, it was very wet.

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Nutclough, New Year’s Day

Wednesday 1st January 2014, 3.55pm (day 860)

Nutclough, 1/1/14

Another year, still here. But that’s a good thing.

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Hebden Bridge, 1.30am, New Year’s Day

Sunday 1st January 2012, 1.30am (day 129)

HB town centre, 1/1/12

Having stayed up past midnight for obvious reasons – and it’s a rarity for me – this first post of 2012 becomes the earliest in a given day by far. Usually when I see anything before 6am it’s because I’m up early, not in bed late.

Hebden Bridge seemed pretty laid-back when we walked back through it after leaving the party. Maybe it was the incredibly mild weather – unseasonably warm, we were able to sit outside at 1am having a final pint of beer with no sense of cold or discomfort. I like this shot because of the mixture of lines and textures, even if it is a bit blurred (but you try taking photos like this at 1.30am with no tripod!). I also like the mysterious, solitary blonde on the right. (As a compositional device, you understand.)

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