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Blue flare

Saturday 13th May 2017, 4.35pm (day 2,088)

Halifax flare, 13/5/17

After last weekend’s semi-final victory over Salford, Halifax Town duly beat Chorley 2-1 (after extra time) to get promoted back to the fifth tier of English professional football. 7,920 people were there to see it, an amazing crowd for the level of football (and a record for the National League North apparently). Sam Johnson, Halifax keeper, here clears a flare off the pitch. I’m telling you it was all happening at The Shay this afternoon….

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South stand, the Shay (and new moon)

Sunday 1st January 2017, 4.40pm (day 1,956)

South stand, Shay, 1/1/17

Watching a game in the sixth tier of English football — the National League North — might seem an unusual way to see in 2017, but Joe, me and 2,509 other people decided it was worth doing today; numbers which help explain the strength of the sport in this country. Halifax Town 2, Darlington 2 was the final score, a good game, quite exciting, though from listening to the home fans around Joe and I you’d think it had been a disaster of Iceland v England proportions. I worry that this shot is a bit messy, but I like the crescent moon visibleĀ  to top left, so let’s give it a go. I prefer it to most pictures I get at football matches, anyway, even if it is slightly out-of-focus.

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Half time, Halifax v Alfreton

Saturday 29th November 2014, 4.00pm (day 1,192)

Halifax v Alfreton, 29/11/14

Have not had the chance to see Brighton lately and nor, to tell the truth, much motivation to, as we’re having a lousy season. Felt like watching a match today and as Halifax were at home took Joe there. Good grief though, that’s a bunch of fans with a stratospheric whinge factor. Maybe some of them started out like fresh faced kids when they were 10 years old or so, like this one. But they’ve changed, boy have they changed. Halifax 2, Alfreton 0 today.

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Arriving for training

Friday 4th April 2014, 9.15am (day 953)

At the Shay, 4/4/14

Happened to be passing The Shay this morning, home of Halifax’s two professional sports teams, Halifax Town AFC and Halifax RLFC. Which one of the two this guy plays for I do not know, but I assume it was one or the other, what with his carrying a sports bag and all.

Incidentally, today constitutes a ‘photowhack’ — akin to a Googlewhack, in which one and only one result is obtained from a Google search, a photowhack is a day on which I get a totally acceptable Photo of the Day with the first, last and only photo I take on the day. This has happened only 2 or 3 times in all the days I have done the blog, but today was one. As soon as I got this pic I knew it would be the one.

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Edgar Davids makes a substitution

Saturday 7th September 2013, 4.15pm (day 744)

Barnet substitution, 7/9/13

With no top- or second-level football matches on in England today because of the international games, fans were encouraged to go and support their local lower-division teams through an initiative known as ‘Non-League Day’ — whether this added much to the crowd at my local non-league team, Halifax Town, I cannot tell but it did get Joe & I down there. They enjoyed a 2-1 win over Barnet FC.

Interest was added for the neutrals by the appearance on the touchline of Barnet’s manager, Edgar Davids, who played 74 times for the Netherlands, mostly in his trademark glasses; having graced World Cup Finals he now plies his trade in the fifth tier of English football, which I find amazing really, as if Wayne Rooney were to end his career coaching in the Dutch third division. But here he is, giving advice with his assistant; Barnet were 2-0 down at this point and on their way to a first defeat of the season.

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