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Getting ready to open

Tuesday 11th September 2018, 3.15pm (day 2,574)

Opening Nightjar, 11/9/18

Not an eventful day at all. I am hiding at home doing my best to get ready for things opening at uni in a couple of weeks’ time. Like these guys,  but just on a bigger scale. The Nightjar bar sits below the Picture House and is one of those places that serves a dozen beers, all of them over-hopped and fruity, which is why these guys have beards.

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Trades club bar

Friday 23rd March 2018, 10.40pm (day 2,402)

Trades bar, 23/3/18

Great night out, thanks again to the wife and Red Helen for the music. Terrible photography, but that’s 10.40pm on a Friday night for you.

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In transit, Schiphol

Sunday 22nd October 2017, 11.30am (day 2,250)

Schiphol bar, 22/10/17

Black-and-white photos of one’s day seems to be a trend on Facebook at the moment, so who am I not to follow a trend. Anyway this one just looked better in monochrome, as they tend to do if the photographer has screwed up the white balance somehow. In transit again…. an airport bar on a Sunday morning is not going to be the most dynamic place, we are all waiting there for something or other.

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The owner of the ‘Iron Post’

Friday 25th August 2017, 10.20pm (day 2,192)

Iron Post, 25/8/17

The Iron Post is a pub in Urbana. Many years ago — well, twelve anyway (in 2005) — this place saved our bacon on the 4th July when it was the only pub in the city that was open for food and drink. I also remember being here in 2006 and talking to this guy — he had a beard then — on the day that the state of Illinois passed the ordinance which forbade smoking inside any public building. It’s safe to say he wasn’t happy. He won’t remember me, but when I returned this evening for a beer and saw him sat in the far corner of the bar doing his books, or whatever it is, I recognised him.

And so ends the sixth full year of this blog. I set out to do one — I’ve done six. I may as well keep going, there are still things in the world worth depicting. Are you sticking with me? Good, let’s do some more.

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PK’s bar, Carbondale

Tuesday 22nd August 2017, 3.20pm (day 2,189)

PK's bar, 22/8/17

This bar stands across the road from Carbondale’s Amtrak station and was therefore a suitable place to wait for my train back north. It seemed to be the kind of place where most of the clientele probably never went anywhere else — so I kind of liked it. PK’s stands for Pizza King, by the way — the matriarch who ran the place explained to me that they started out being the first people in Carbondale to open a pizza parlour, but when everyone else started doing it, they decided to turn it into a bar instead. Which must have been a good move, because apparently that shift took place fifty years ago.

Carbondale also gains for itself the distinction of being the 200th different identifiable location to appear on this blog. Thus, about every 11th shot on here is taken somewhere different, which is a decent amount of variety, I guess.

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Bar at the Trades Club

Saturday 10th December 2016, 11.20pm (day 1,934)

Trades bar, 10/12/16

This blog has simple rules, and only a few of them, but I stick to them, and they shape what appears in subtle ways. The one about only using what ambient light is present at the scene certainly does, and is the reason why there end up being relatively few photos like this one. I do have a social life…  but I don’t have expensive lenses and I don’t carry around a tripod so in low-light environments like clubs, it’s just very difficult to produce decent shots. Still, this one isn’t bad, and depending on what happens for the rest of today (I post on Sunday morning) you might yet get another shot from the Trades Club’s ‘Spectrum’ 80s music night for tomorrow, too. A good night out was had all round…

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U Malého Glena

Monday 10th October 2016, 5.50pm (day 1,873)

U malého glena, 10/10/16

“U malého glena” apparently means “the little glen” and is the name of this bar in Prague. Well, this is one of the world’s great beer-drinking countries, so I was inevitably going to end up in a bar or two while here…

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Beer Hall, Clitheroe

Sunday 4th September 2016, 2.05pm (day 1,837)

Beer Hall, 4/9/16

A good weekend ends with us being taken out to lunch here, courtesy of my parents who had been Joe-sitting while we were in London. I like the perspective of this shot, the lighting and the general symmetry. The beer was quite good too…

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Apollon, Bergen

Thursday 28th January 2016, 7.15pm (day 1,617)

Apollon, 28/1/16

It’s a bar. It’s also a record store. It’s…. it’s…. well, what more do you want? Or need??

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Busy behind the bar

Thursday 31st December 2015, 7.35pm (day 1,589)

Old Gate bar, 31/12/15

Here is where we have just spent New Year’s Eve. and this picture is worth posting if only because it depicts a Hebden Bridge pub that has managed to open despite the floods. Up yours to the last, depressing week of 2015 and here is hoping for better weather in 2016, at least. But let’s not be negative –  a happy New Year, whatever you have done, whatever you might wish.

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