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Love shack

Wednesday 29th September 2021, 5.10pm (day 3,688)

Love Shack, 29/9/21

I didn’t plan it this way but this is turning into a very uneventful week, spent mostly at home. It’s lockdown all over again, except the pubs are open. Including this secluded little spot at the back of the Railway, unoccupied at this point in time.

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Unbroken relationships?

Monday 6th May 2019, 1.15pm (day 2,811)

Zagreb padlocks, 6/5/19

It was Zagreb, Croatia, to where I was travelling yesterday. When I was here just under a year ago I said it was quite possible I would return, and so it has turned out.

Amongst its other charms Zagreb is home to the quite brilliant Museum of Broken Relationships, where are exhibited objects, and associated stories, that represent break-ups of one kind or another whether through desertion, death, infidelity, geographical separation or whatever. The poignancy of that place — and it can truly be said that of all the museums I have ever been to, this was the first one in which I genuinely inspected every single one of the exhibits on display, and with emotional contact too — was highlighted by then coming back to the Lower Town via one of those panoramic viewpoints of the city (one of its churches in the background) where young lovers choose to set a padlock, to represent their undying commitment. It seems so permanent, yet in the end has taken just a few moments in time. I wonder how many of these can still be said to be meaningful. I’m not trying to be cynical. I genuinely hope most of them still are.

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Will he kiss her?

Saturday 20th January 2018, 2.00pm (day 2,340)

Bench by the river, 20/1/18

He did do so, a couple of minutes later. Yes, I do have a photo of that moment as well, but there was too much flare on it and anyway they can keep their privacy in that respect.

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Hebden Bridge Xmas lights

Sunday 18th December 2016, 9.30pm (day 1,942)

Love and respect, 18/12/16

Amen to that… We could all use some.

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Graffiti message, Lancaster station

Sunday 25th September 2011, 10.10am (day 31)

Message of regret, 25/9/11

There’s the kind of graffiti that does deface and spoil but a lot of it can be a great improvement over what’s already there (and let’s face it, the corporate sector happily deface our public spaces with advertising, most of which is inane crap).

These messages are painted on an otherwise dank and dark underbridge near Lancaster station. There’s such a story here, one that we’ll probably never know.

[UPDATE: Only a couple of months later did I find out that the main message (discounting the one bottom left) is actually lyrics from the song Chasing Cars by the band Snow Patrol. And there was me thinking we’d found a budding poet. Still, it remains an interesting message.]

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