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Sam Alex Building at sunset

Friday 1st December 2017, 4.05pm (day 2,290)

Sam Alex, sunset, 1/12/17

The Sam(uel) Alex(ander) Building is the one next to mine at work. Sun setting when leaving work already — but there’s still three weeks for the nights to get longer yet.

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September sunset

Thursday 1st September 2016, 8.00pm (day 1,834)

Sunset, 1/9/16

September 2016’s first day was not an eventful one but it was perfectly decent — and ended very well.

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By Hebden Water

Monday 29th August 2016, 6.05pm (day 1,831)

By Hebden Water, 29/8/16

Quite a Hebden-bound period of the blog — in the 20 days since we got back from North Wales, 13 shots have been here (and five of the rest in Manchester). Not so bad I guess but it’s time to get out a bit more. Still, I feel happy that the period signs off with a good shot, this duck and the evening light came together just so — and here’s a sign of where lens flare is integral to what I wanted from the picture.

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In the garden

Monday 6th June 2016, 7.30pm (day 1,747)

Garden foliage, 6/6/16

The sun is shining, it was a beautiful day. In such circumstances it’s great to have the garden to hang out in on an evening. Although I suspect this foliage is a weed — raspberry probably, which seems to grow everywhere except where you actually want it to.

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Outside Manchester cathedral

Wednesday 16th March 2016, 5.30pm (day 1,665)

Outside cathedral, 16/3/16

Another pleasant, sunny afternoon, although a chilly one. I know this shot would be better without the signs, but hey, that’s the clutter of modern life for you.

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Sunset, Whitworth Street, Manchester

Friday 6th November 2015, 4.30pm (day 1,534)

Sunset, Whitworth Street, 6/11/15

After a week of gray, a spectacular sunset in Manchester city centre — I was far from being the only person trying to capture it tonight. One of those situations where if I’d had more time (instead of speed-walking the two miles from my office to Victoria station), I probably could have got a better shot.

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New moon

Thursday 17th September 2015, 7.55pm (day 1,484)

New moon, 17/9/15

After having walked 25 miles over the last two days I was quite content never to leave the house today, so whatever you were getting as photo of the day was going to be very close to home — until the Moon showed up.

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Steve ponders the evening

Friday 11th September 2015, 5.45pm (day 1,478)

Steve ponders, 11/9/15

A last burst of September sun illuminates the tables outside the Railway, typical haunt of a Friday evening after work, where the accumulated clientele ponder their forthcoming weekends. Steve makes at least his 7th appearance on this blog and is the most-featured individual outside (in this order) Joe, Clare and myself. Which is a sign that we’re often in the same place — the aforementioned Railway…

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Clare, Joe and insects

Saturday 18th July 2015, 8.10pm (day 1,423)

Clare and Joe, 18/7/15

Walking home after a barbecue at a friend’s house. I like this photo partly because of the way the sunset light has caught the clouds of insects accompanying us on our journey, but also because when Clare saw this on the camera she went “bloody hell, he’s as tall as I am”. Which is true, now she comes to mention it.

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Evening view over Hebden Bridge

Monday 22nd June 2015, 7.30pm (day 1,397)

View from house, 22/6/15

Another day where the weather can politely be described as ‘mixed’. But at least this evening burst of sun brought dramatic light for a time.  Today brings to an end what has been (for me) a relatively long period at home, but the next ten days see me mostly elsewhere.

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