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Back to school

Monday 16th April 2018, 10.25am (day 2,426)

Sam Alex foyer, 16/4/18

2017-18 is my thirteenth academic year at the University of Manchester, meaning that today was the 39th opening day of a term there. Samuel Alexander has seen more than me, certainly as a bust in the foyer of his eponymous building: but according to his memorial he did 31 years as a functioning professor (of Philosophy) so I’ll catch him up in, er…. 2036.

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Sam Alex Building at sunset

Friday 1st December 2017, 4.05pm (day 2,290)

Sam Alex, sunset, 1/12/17

The Sam(uel) Alex(ander) Building is the one next to mine at work. Sun setting when leaving work already — but there’s still three weeks for the nights to get longer yet.

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Samuel Alexander Building

Monday 7th November 2016, 9.10am (day 1,901)

Sam Alex building, 7/11/16

Apologies for the delay in posting. Mac fell into a coma on Monday morning. But some TLC from the Genius Bar has restored it to full health. Back on Monday, it was another lovely day in Manchester. Here’s the relatively monumental Sam Alex building (as most people on campus call it), named after a former professor of Philosophy at this august institution. I like the rim-lit shadowy figure to the right.

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