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Departure lounge, Sunday morning

Sunday 5th May 2019, 8.20am (day 2,810)

MAN T1, 5/5/19

The departure lounge is a kind of limbo state. You’ve sort of left the country, the real world, behind, but you’re not yet at your final destination or even properly travelling yet. Time stops behaving as it does out there. A beer at 8.20 on a Sunday morning is quite tolerated. But there’s nothing really to do: the system may as well suck some more money out of you while you wait. I would like to see libraries, cinemas and gyms in departure lounges. But I doubt it’ll ever happen.

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Catching the London flight

Friday 30th June 2017, 4.25pm (day 2,136)

Aberdeen airport, 30/6/17

I have been excessively mobile during June. The trips to and from Siberia and Norway had already taken 11 flights and eight different airports, and on the last day of June I added one more flight and two airports — Aberdeen to London City. Too much… I need to reconnect with home over the next seven weeks (the next major trip being the last two weeks of August to the USA). How is Aberdeen airport? Same as other airports, except that it doesn’t seem to have been refurbished since about 1980.

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This week’s transit lounge (Helsinki)

Monday 20th March 2017, 4.55pm (day 2,034)

Helsinki airport, 20/3/17

I am sat in my hotel room in Tokyo as I type this, but there can be no photos of Japan for this day as I didn’t touch Asian soil until Tuesday morning. This is Helsinki, which a few years ago had several shots on this blog in its own right but since then has become another one of those places (Copenhagen, Schiphol, Istanbul….) seen as an airport transfer but not otherwise ‘real’. How does it compare? Well, it has a decent amount of booze in it as you can see. And there was sunshine, which was certainly more than there was in Manchester on departure, or indeed on Tokyo on arrival, both teeming with rain.

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Gate 49

Sunday 8th May 2016, 12.55pm (day 1,718)

Departure lounge, 8/5/16

In the first 1,520 days of the blog, that is, up until my return from Estonia last October, 341 of the pictures were taken outside the UK, around 22.5% of them. However, in the 196 days since, only five of them have been (on my trip to Norway in January). Whether this marks a sustained change in my travel habits is hard to say, for various reasons there probably will be fewer trips coming up but it is impossible to say for sure. Anyway — off today — as to where, you can find out tomorrow. At least it wasn’t a very early start, though this doesn’t seem to have made any difference to the guy stretched out on the seats.

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The Last Pizza?

Sunday 27th July 2014, 12.05pm (day 1,067)

Last pizza, 27/7/14

She’s certainly going for it as if it might be. Like us, this lady was in the departure lounge of Fiumicino airport, but, I suspect, leaving her home country rather than returning to it.

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Atlanta airport mural

Friday 20th July 2012, 6.40pm [Eastern time] (day 330)

Atlanta airport, 20/7/12

On my way home. Quite liked this mural, which came in two parts, the full classical quote being ‘Let each man pass his days in that endeavor wherein his gift is greatest’, which if we can excuse the sexism and include women too, is a worthy message. What I liked about it was that it is all made up of thousands of business cards. A neat idea.


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