The Albanian boxing team

Sunday 18th August 2013, 5.50pm (day 724)

Albanian boxing team, 18/8/13

Find pleasures in airports where one can. I like people-watching (follow this blog and that’s obvious), I like the way you can get strange juxtapositions in the rush and multiple destinations of airport travellers. This was taken in Istanbul airport, waiting for my second flight.

I quite like Albania, for three reasons: 1) I did go there just for a day once (day trip from Corfu) and had a thoroughly good day, surrounded by nice people 2) they have one of the world’s coolest flags 3) the memory of a very nice…. ah, but that’s another story.

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3 thoughts on “The Albanian boxing team

  1. Agree with you there. Airports are fascinating places. You go there, heading for a destination and others are doing likewise, being spirited all around the globe in these funny shaped flying machines.
    The human being is indeed a restless species. And the you think back to when the Wright Brothers made that first short hop on a beach in the USA. We’ve come along way and very fast since then.


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  3. […] blog in its own right but since then has become another one of those places (Copenhagen, Schiphol, Istanbul….) seen as an airport transfer but not otherwise ‘real’. How does it compare? […]

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