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Pizza cooks

Friday 5th February 2021, 4.45pm (day 3,452)

PIzza cooks, 5/2/21

How long before I simply have nothing to photograph? Shockingly, for a Friday — the start of the weekend — this is a photowhack, the one and only photo taken on a given day. With a long zoom, its graininess reflecting the utter lack of intimacy there is in the world, these three find something to do with their 12″ Wood Fired Pizza Oven. The rest of us sit and rot, and with a rainy weekend forecast, that ain’t gonna change much.

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The Last Pizza?

Sunday 27th July 2014, 12.05pm (day 1,067)

Last pizza, 27/7/14

She’s certainly going for it as if it might be. Like us, this lady was in the departure lounge of Fiumicino airport, but, I suspect, leaving her home country rather than returning to it.

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