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Cool under cardboard

Sunday 24th June 2018, 12.30pm (day 2,495)

Handmade Parade 2018, 24/6/18

Hebden Bridge’s annual ‘Handmade Parade’ has featured on here every year since the blog started, and will probably continue to do so. Although it is easy to be blasé about it when it’s seen every June, it remains an amazing outburst of creativity from hundreds of people, done purely for the sake of one performance along the main street of the town, which lasts 90 minutes or so — and for no direct commercial reasons whatsoever. Long may it continue. If someone can look this sophisticated and cool while wearing a large blue cardboard snake’s-head as a hat — then there must be benefits to it.

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Joe at the Handmade Parade

Sunday 25th June 2017, 12.15pm (day 2,131)

Joe, Handmade Parade, 25/6/17

Having taken Friday off work because of the funeral Sunday was a day at the desk for me, but at least around lunchtime there was the distraction of the 2017 Handmade Parade, Hebden Bridge’s annual photo-fest. Having featured this event on several occasions before (it’s made it every year from 2012 onwards), let’s add distinctiveness to this year’s entry by featuring Joe in his home-made finery. As ever, hearty congratulations to all who took part, the level of effort and creativity which goes into this totally non-corporate event still amazes me.

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Handmade Parade 2016

Sunday 26th June 2016, 12.30pm (day 1,767)

Handmade Parade, 26/6/16

Hebden Bridge’s annual festival of creativity, the Handmade Parade, has featured on this blog every June since I started, and probably will continue to do so. It’s impossible to capture the whole experience in one shot, but I feel the need to show some happiness in the world this weekend, so here’s my choice.

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Handmade Parade 2015

Sunday 7th June 2015, 12.20pm (day 1,382)

Handmade parade, 7/6/15

You know the score by now I am sure, and in any case had a week’s advance notice of this year’s Handmade Parade in Hebden Bridge. The sun shone and a fine day was had by all.

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Handmade Parade preparations

Sunday 31st May 2015, 2.05pm (day 1,375)

Handmade parade prep, 31/5/15

The Handmade Parade is probably Hebden Bridge’s best annual photo-opportunity, explaining why it’s appeared in 2012, 2013 and 2014, and will again next Sunday. But, for the first time, here’s a capture of the preparations, with me not bothered this year that I know what Clare and Joe’s costume will be in advance. I love the chaos of this shot; imagine all the parade squashed up inside a single building, and there you have it.

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Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade, 2014

Sunday 8th June 2014, 12.45pm (day 1,018)

Handmade Parade, 8/6/14

Welcome back to the Handmade Parade, pictured also in 2012 and 2013 — an amazing outpouring of creativity and effort. I just photograph it, taking 319 pictures today in one hour and five minutes. To pick one is not easy (others will go on my Flickr site — link at bottom); with the colours and costumes being almost a given I try to focus on the good faces, and then it’s a matter of hoping the focus is just right. I’m particularly happy with this shot because this was played for and got.

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Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade 2013

Saturday 22nd June 2013, 12.50pm (day 667)

Handmade Parade, 22/6/13

It was on this weekend last year that the summer in Hebden Bridge took a decided turn for the worse. The evening of 22/6/12 saw the first of two floods hit the town centre, an event which appeared on this blog only the following morning. The 2012 Handmade Parade did take place, albeit a week later than originally scheduled and produced this picture — that event becoming a kind of gesture of defiance in the face of the damage the town had suffered (though if it was a plea for mercy it was not answered; there was still 9th July to come, but more on that in two weeks’ time). The 2013 Parade could run as planned and became an anniversary celebration, the town still getting together in an amazing burst of creativity that impresses me each year, though I’ll never be part of it; I like photographing it too much.

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Handmade Parade

Saturday 30th June 2012, 11.25am (day 310)

Handmade Parade, 30/6/12

This was supposed to happen last weekend. Once a year the populace of Hebden Bridge spend a little while building ephemeral but beautiful costumes and parade down the town to the park. It’s like Carnival in Rio, but shorter, with less naked flesh and in Yorkshire. A lot of fun though. Today it became something of a two-finger-salute to the weather, which for the entire month of June (except maybe for 3 days around the 18th) has been dreadful. Market Street – the main road through the centre of Hebden – has been devastated, with maybe two or three businesses out of about 30 still open, or likely to reopen before September. And it was still raining today – in bursts, but they were heavy bursts.

I took 89 photos of the parade within the 17 minutes it took to pass me; so to pick just one was very difficult. That being the case, interested parties could look at the top 20 pics, on my Facebook site. But I pick this one for here mainly because of the happy smile of the central model and the fact that this was the only picture of all the ones I took which I felt worked despite the fact there was a spectator firmly in the background. For some reason, it just seems to work with him there. We were all in it together, so to speak. And for just a short time we forgot the floods and the rain and just enjoyed the spectacle.

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