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Sunday motorcycle club

Sunday 16th April 2023, 3.30pm (day 4,252)

Motorcycle club, HB, 16/4/23

Everyone grows up, even Hell’s Angels. Every Sunday there will be some motorcycle club or other relaxing in the square. This lot had better gear than most.

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Norwegians colonise Hebden Bridge

Sunday 26th February 2023, 3.45pm (day 4,203)

Norwegian flag in HB, 26/2/23

Norway remains third in the ranks of most-depicted country on this blog, behind only England and Australia, but it’s a while since I’ve been there — four years and ten months in fact (26/4/2018 was its last appearance). I should rectify this. In the meantime, it seems as if Norway is willing to come to Hebden Bridge: why this flag was planted in the square amongst the usual Sunday crowd of visitors, I do not know, but there it is.

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End of the week

Friday 3rd September 2021, 5.15pm (day 3,662)

Stacking chairs, 3/9/21

It’s not been the most dynamic week, though work was done. Time to pack up and look forward to the weekend.

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Enjoying the Sunday

Sunday 21st March 2021, 11.05am (day 3,496)

Busy Sunday, 21/3/21

Every recent Sunday in the town centre has been busy and today was no exception. And the only commentary I would like to add to this observation is that I consider this a good thing.

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Market, with real people

Saturday 20th February 2021, 2.20pm (day 3,467)

I had candidates for today that were better pictures, maybe, but I really wanted to see people’s faces today. And no, I don’t mean masked ones.

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Darkness falls

Wednesday 28th October 2020, 4.50pm (day 3,352)

Light at dusk, 28/10/20

I’ve given up wondering whether I’m being metaphorical or not. Fact is it’s that first week after the clocks go back, and dusk oppresses us an hour or more earlier than it did last week. Winter is coming. The Christmas lights are ready.

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Empty Hebden Bridge

Monday 26th February 2018, 4.10pm (day 2,377)

Back home again, my town strangely empty this afternoon. Perhaps everyone was hunkering down for the promised ‘winter apocalypse’ that is, at least according to the media, about to devour the entire Northern Hemisphere in a kind of Game of Thrones scenario. Well, it’s a little chilly that’s true, but I’m sure we’ll live.

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Sunday market stallholders

Sunday 13th September 2015, 10.40am (day 1,480)

Sunday market, 13/9/15

The hair of the woman on the left, lit by the weak sun behind, was what caught my eye on this one, but I like the face of the other stallholder too.

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At the farmers’ market

Sunday 19th April 2015, 12.10pm (day 1,333)

Marsh top, 19/4/15

Well, you can see from the labels what these guys do. And they do it very well. One of my more catatonic days today — but I shopped, and to good effect I think. One third of my way through the second thousand photos.

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Free hugs

Sunday 1st June 2014, 4.15pm (day 1,011)

Free hugs, 1/6/14

How very Hebden Bridge. Welcome to June.


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