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Empty Hebden Bridge

Monday 26th February 2018, 4.10pm (day 2,377)

Back home again, my town strangely empty this afternoon. Perhaps everyone was hunkering down for the promised ‘winter apocalypse’ that is, at least according to the media, about to devour the entire Northern Hemisphere in a kind of Game of Thrones scenario. Well, it’s a little chilly that’s true, but I’m sure we’ll live.

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Sunday market stallholders

Sunday 13th September 2015, 10.40am (day 1,480)

Sunday market, 13/9/15

The hair of the woman on the left, lit by the weak sun behind, was what caught my eye on this one, but I like the face of the other stallholder too.

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At the farmers’ market

Sunday 19th April 2015, 12.10pm (day 1,333)

Marsh top, 19/4/15

Well, you can see from the labels what these guys do. And they do it very well. One of my more catatonic days today — but I shopped, and to good effect I think. One third of my way through the second thousand photos.

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Free hugs

Sunday 1st June 2014, 4.15pm (day 1,011)

Free hugs, 1/6/14

How very Hebden Bridge. Welcome to June.


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Drumming puppet, St George’s Square

Sunday 27th April 2014, 11.35am (day 976)

Drummer puppet, 27/4/14

Uneventful day — not much to see, not much going on. I liked this busker’s approach to his craft however, so this can be the second musically themed picture of the weekend.

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Outside ‘Innovation’

Friday 14th March 2014, 3.30pm (day 932)

Outside Innovation, 14/3/14

The signboard puts me in mind that these two are Withnail and I on their 40-year reunion trip, returning to where they demanded cake, and fine wine, the finest wines available to humanity.

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Toddling, St. George’s Square

Sunday 8th December 2013, 11.40am (day 836)

Toddling, 8/12/13

Offered up purely for the cute vote….

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St George’s Square, late at night

Thursday 3rd May 2012, 10.55pm (day 252)

St Georges Square, 3/5/12

This is the main square in the centre of Hebden Bridge. You have seen it before (like on March 18th and March 6th, for example), but not this late at night. Then again you’ve seen very little of things this late at night, because I am not much of a dirty stop-out. Tonight was an exception: we went to the cinema.

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Spring Sunday in town

Sunday 18th March 2012, 1.30pm (day 206)

Busker in square, 18/3/12

Beautiful day today, a proper spring Sunday. Lots of activity in the town square, including this busker and then there’s the kid on the right auditioning for his part in the local version of We Need To Talk About Kevin. All fairly normal for Hebden Bridge.

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Hebden Bridge, 100 years ago

Tuesday 6th March 2012, 8.40am (day 194)

St Georges Square, 6/3/12

Actually, it’s this morning: and it was a beautiful one. But I liked this photo because there’s nothing in it that suggests the modern day. Well, there’s one exception, perhaps – see if you can spot it.

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