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Sackville Street

Wednesday 9th June 2021, 4.15pm (day 3,576)

Sackville Street, 9/6/21

No particular message today; just an interesting urban scene. I’ve been seeking to, at some point, capture a train coming over one or other of Manchester’s downtown rail bridges, and here it is.

Sackville Street was the subject of the Inspiral Carpets’ rather good track “Sackville“, don’t you know. The place has obviously cleaned up a bit since that came out in 1990, considering the lyrics.

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Sackville Street

Wednesday 26th March 2014, 8.00am (day 944)

Sackville Street, 26/3/14

Talk about a polarised day. The morning — glorious, beautiful sunshine, pleasantly mild. Then I arrived at work at the unusually early time of 8.15, emerged again 9 hours later, and it had become thoroughly chilly, grey and damp. There is a reason all my photos today were taken in the morning.

Anyway, here is the third of my mini-series — guaranteed 5-in-a-row of Manchester. I love the various lines on this shot. This is taken at the point Sackville Street meets Canal Street — the lady is just stepping onto the bridge that takes Sackville Street over the canal.

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Vimto memorial, Sackville Street building

Tuesday 18th June 2013, 1.40pm (day 663)

Vimto memorial, 18/6/13

I went into Manchester today, but don’t tell anyone — officially I don’t go back to work there until early September. But there were reasons to go in today, which went beyond the desire to have the first Manchester photo on the blog since day 504 of the blog, 10th January, 159 days ago. This sculpture sits outside the university’s monumental Sackville Street building and pays homage to the local non-alcoholic beverage, Vimto, an anagram of, well, you can work it out.

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