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The Tromsø IL fans arrive for the match

Sunday 1st October 2017, 5.35pm (day 2,229)

TIL fans, 1/10/17

More football; in case you hadn’t realised I am going for it this season when it comes to experiencing different competitions. Seventh match of the season, seventh competition — today, the Norwegian Eliteserien (top division) and the world’s northernmost top-flight football club, Tromsø IL. Although there is a danger they will not be top-flight next year as they are struggling against relegation; however, today’s 2-1 win over southern softies Lillestrøm cannot have harmed their chances. Here, the ultras arrive for the game. The woman in front is sort of in the way of the shot, but she’s carrying her scarf so what the hell.

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Flags in the evening sun

Sunday 7th September 2014, 5.30pm (day 1,109)

Flags, 7/9/14

Beautiful day today, coming at that time of year when you want to make the most of each day of very good weather in case it’s the last such day you see for 8 months. These flags have appeared this weekend in that much-photographed spot opposite the tables outside the Railway, and posed well in the evening light — those sunsets getting ever earlier as the world turns.

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Leftover flags, Canal Street, Manchester

Thursday 7th June 2012, 2.25pm (day 287)

Canal Street flags, 7/6/12

Back in the UK, where there are occasional bursts of paraphernalia left over from the Jubilee celebrations last weekend, missed due to my being in Norway. So here’s a belated reference to all the pro patria stuff.

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