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Taking it easy

Saturday 17th July 2021, 2.50pm (day 3,614)

Crashed out, Penistone

It was a hot day today, by British standards — whether at Penistone Church FC or anywhere else. I think this baby girl was taking the right approach to it all, frankly.

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Tiny Tyne

Saturday 11th July 2020, 12.55pm (day 3,243)

Tiny Tyne, 11/7/20

If you’ve ever been to the city of Newcastle, you will be plenty familiar with the River Tyne, which flows through the place like a big fat worm, and is spanned by a multitude of bridges.

This, however, is the baby Tyne: a mere infant in swaddling clothes, pictured a couple of miles south of the village of Garrigill in Cumbria, and as near the middle of nowhere as one tends to get in England. I think it’s rather cute.

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Thursday 14th May 2020, 5.25pm (day 3,185)

Plumlets, 14/5/20

The plum tree in the garden is warming up for one of its summers of abundance. It has hundreds of these little plumlets happily soaking up the sunshine. If you want fresh plums, come see us in August. Hell, you might even be able to travel by then.

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Taking a rest

Sunday 15th September 2019, 2.30pm (day 2,943)

Father on train, 15/9/19

On the train down to London. Both of these guys needed a rest after a weekend with the (grand)parents, it seems.

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Baby fern creatures

Thursday 3rd May 2018, 4.40pm (day 2,443)

Baby ferns, 3/5/18

Didn’t a creature looking like this once erupt out of John Hurt’s stomach? The end may be nigh.

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Out for a drink

Monday 7th August 2017, 3.30pm (day 2,174)

Mother and baby, 7/8/17

Returned to work today — albeit at home. Too long a day to spend entirely in the house sorting out a pile of email and draft student work however, so popped out for a drink in the afternoon, which is when I saw these two, doing the same thing and seemingly happy about it. (Was tough to get the camera focused on her face as opposed to the drinking straw, mind you.)

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Lucy’s first Christmas Eve

Thursday 24th December 2015, 1.35pm (day 1,582)

Lucy, 24/12/15

Lucy was born on March 12th this year so is about to experience her first Christmas…. Perhaps she looks a little glum here but I think that is just because I caught her mid-crisp. I wish her a happy one, and hope you all have a good one too…

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Ellie (youngest house guest)

Saturday 17th January 2015, 8.40pm (day 1,241)

Ellie, 17/1/15

At 8 months old Ellie is not the youngest person to appear on the blog (I make her the 3rd youngest) but she is the youngest house guest we have ever had. She and parents Caroline and Loyd (who appeared on the blog in happy circumstances on 24/8/13) visited this weekend. I chose this shot just because it is different but still displays her fundamental cuteness.

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Global Education Futures forum — youngest attendee

Monday 13th October 2014, 12.15pm (day 1,145)

Pavel and child, 13/10/14

Moscow was the destination of yesterday’s flight. I came here to attend this event, a forum involving some of the world’s greatest and most innovative educational thinkers, plus me. And this little darling, in the arm of her father Pavel, one of the organisers. What is she pointing at? The red rectangle which appears to be growing out of his arm? More likely the other delegate’s lunch. Don’t get used to pictures of Moscow — I’m flying home again tomorrow, though I am back here in two weeks.

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Casper awaits his baptism

Sunday 9th February 2014, 11.05am (day 899)

Casper, 9/2/14

A bit blurred, I know, but I like it anyway, and seeing as Casper’s christening was the main event of the day, I should pick a shot directly related to it. He is the son of my cousin David, pictured here holding him, and his wife Emily (to right). Well done to them all, and a nice day was had.

I can never remember though, does this make Casper my second cousin? Or first cousin once removed? I pass.

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