The wedding photograph

Saturday 24th August 2013, 4.00pm (day 730)

Wedding photography, 24/8/13

Congratulations to Caroline — I’m sure you don’t need to ask which of these people she is — and Loyd, on the right, married today at St Mary’s church in Yarm, with this photo taken later at Priory Cottages, Wetherby, the venue for the reception. And a very good time was had by all.

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3 thoughts on “The wedding photograph

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  2. […] ever had. She and parents Caroline and Loyd (who appeared on the blog in happy circumstances on 24/8/13) visited this weekend. I chose this shot just because it is different but still displays her […]

  3. […] person to appear on the blog twice (after this shot last January). Father Loyd last appeared on his wedding day, so you see, they’re doing it all in the order they’re supposed […]

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