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The Corniche, West Beirut

Monday 19th August 2013, 2.00pm (day 725)

Beirut corniche, 19/8/13

So, here I am in the country that used to be known as Phoenicia. If it wasn’t for these guys, the Cornish wouldn’t ever have had a tin industry. This is my first visit to Lebanon, nearest I’ve been to here before is Cyprus, and that remains a European place with a hint of Asia, whereas this felt more the other way around. It has maybe the most concretized ‘beach’ culture of anywhere I’ve been, but I couldn’t argue with the weather — or the hospitality (see tomorrow’s post).

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The Albanian boxing team

Sunday 18th August 2013, 5.50pm (day 724)

Albanian boxing team, 18/8/13

Find pleasures in airports where one can. I like people-watching (follow this blog and that’s obvious), I like the way you can get strange juxtapositions in the rush and multiple destinations of airport travellers. This was taken in Istanbul airport, waiting for my second flight.

I quite like Albania, for three reasons: 1) I did go there just for a day once (day trip from Corfu) and had a thoroughly good day, surrounded by nice people 2) they have one of the world’s coolest flags 3) the memory of a very nice…. ah, but that’s another story.

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Waiting at Blackburn station

Saturday 17th August 2013, 2.50pm (day 723)

Blackburn station, 17/8/13

My, this seems a long time ago now… and even after five days, having travelled to another continent in the mean time, the interminable delay we suffered at Blackburn on the way home still drags out like an ocean of time.


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Is that pollen in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me

Friday 16th August 2013, 9.50am (day 722)

Rose, 16/8/13

Ahhhh, Nature. Whatever the species, even kingdom, the aesthetics of sex are essentially the same.

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Lancaster Maritime Museum

Thursday 15th August 2013, 11.55am (day 721)

Lancaster maritime museum, 15/8/13

These dummies look miserable as all hell, but then again that gives a sense of authenticity to the scene. I like the way the light has caught the ‘woman’s’ smock; actually, as models these two were more co-operative than real husband-and-wife stevedores doubtless would have been in a comparable situation.

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Boat How and Burnmoor Tarn

Wednesday 14th August 2013, 1.20pm (day 720)

Boat How and Burnmoor Tarn, 14/8/13

Haven’t done a ‘pure’ landscape for a while — not since the last time I was around the Lake District, I guess. Not a coincidence, there are just so many more of them round there.

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Preparations for filming

Tuesday 13th August 2013, 11.15am (day 719)

Studio, before filming, 13/8/13

The tripod, the docked iPod, the discarded costumery; the wife must want one of her routines filming. Happy to oblige.

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Whalley station and viaduct

Monday 12th August 2013, 2.40pm (day 718)

Whalley station, 12/8/13Joe had spent the weekend at my parents’ while we were in Hamburg, so I went to pick him up today. I could have hired a car and driven in two hours, but I took my time, went by train and savoured the day. I’m on holiday, who wants to drive.

Incidentally, this line is a rare example of one that was reopened (in 1995) after the infamous “Beeching axe” originally fell on it in the 1960s. The reopening happened under a Tory government too. Probably because it was a marginal seat,  or maybe the party was still run by sane people at the time. Anyway; what you see here are the tracks extending out over a high viaduct over the River Hodder.

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FC St Pauli club shop

Sunday 11th August 2013, 11.20am (day 717)

St Pauli shop, 11/8/13

If you like football, and you have any kind of countercultural leanings, you gotta like FC St. Pauli of Hamburg. Either you know why or you don’t. This is one of the reasons I wanted to come to the city. Shame they lost today, mind.

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Planten un Blomen, Hamburg

Saturday 10th August 2013, 4.55pm (day 716)

Planten un Blomen, 10/8/13

I must admit that I thought Hamburg would be a rather modern and industrial kind of place. Actually it’s a very attractive city, plenty of old buildings and lots of green space. We walked every day through this park, called Planten un Blomen. My real target in this picture was the dog, but as I took the shot the girl turned round, the runner came past, and I think they all make a nice little set.

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