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Lancaster Maritime Museum

Thursday 15th August 2013, 11.55am (day 721)

Lancaster maritime museum, 15/8/13

These dummies look miserable as all hell, but then again that gives a sense of authenticity to the scene. I like the way the light has caught the ‘woman’s’ smock; actually, as models these two were more co-operative than real husband-and-wife stevedores doubtless would have been in a comparable situation.

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Dummy tree, Stavanger

Wednesday 12th June 2013, 6.15pm (day 657)

Dummy tree, 12/6/13

Here I am in Stavanger, another new place to add to the list. I could have chosen a picture of the great view from the breakfast room at my hotel, could have chosen one of a rather attractive swan by the lake, but here’s one of a bunch of baby’s dummies (pacifiers) tied to a pole in the woods. Hundreds and hundreds of them. I’m sure there’s a good reason for it.

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