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Joe (St Pauli top)

Sunday 3rd January 2016, 10.50am (day 1,592)

Joe in gym, 3/1/16

Joe was born in March 2003, meaning that very soon I will be starting on my first and, assuredly, last experience of being the father of a teenager. He looks ready for it; no idea if I am. At least his St Pauli top (two years and five months old – evidence here) still fits. This was a photowhack — the only picture I took today.

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FC St Pauli club shop

Sunday 11th August 2013, 11.20am (day 717)

St Pauli shop, 11/8/13

If you like football, and you have any kind of countercultural leanings, you gotta like FC St. Pauli of Hamburg. Either you know why or you don’t. This is one of the reasons I wanted to come to the city. Shame they lost today, mind.

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