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Blackburn station, evening

Wednesday 22nd March 2023, 8.55pm (day 4,227)

Blackburn station, 22/3/23

In terms of its aesthetics I quite like Blackburn station — at least at platform level (the subway below has been choked by excessive and largely non-functional ticket machines, though). The clutter of modern life throws off the symmetry of this shot but I gave it a go.

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Things to do in Blackburn

Saturday 29th February 2020, 12.40pm (day 3,110)

Blackburn signpost, 29/2/20

The blog’s third 29th February. Like 2012 and 2016’s, I didn’t really get up to anything very exciting to mark the extra day: I didn’t even visit any of the attractions noted on this signpost outside Blackburn station, but I took the picture because I liked the look of the canopy roof.

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End of the week

Friday 15th November 2019, 4.30pm (day 3,004)

Friday cleaning, 15/11/19

It’s the end of the working week but there’s still some cleaning up to do, after the mess that everyone else has left. Symbolic of things in my own week? I’ll leave that up to you to ponder.

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Clare on Blackburn station

Saturday 14th May 2016, 11.40am (day 1,724)

Clare at Blackburn, 14/5/16

Congratulations to my parents, Ian and Angela Whitworth, on being married an amazing 50 years today: 14th May 1966 saw them hitched in Dukinfield, Cheshire, so today was their Golden wedding anniversary. But the picture of the day has to be this one of my gorgeous wife chilling out on platform 2 of Blackburn station while we waited for the train to join the party this lunchtime. A good day was had by all I think.

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Waiting at Blackburn station

Saturday 17th August 2013, 2.50pm (day 723)

Blackburn station, 17/8/13

My, this seems a long time ago now… and even after five days, having travelled to another continent in the mean time, the interminable delay we suffered at Blackburn on the way home still drags out like an ocean of time.


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Sculpture, Blackburn town centre

Tuesday 9th July 2013, 9.20am (day 684)

Blackburn sculpture, 9/7/13

Went here for a meeting today, it’s not a particularly exciting place but unlike the last time it featured on the blog in December, Blackburn at least delivered a) good weather and b) the event I actually came to the town for. I have no idea what this sculpture commemorates, but perhaps it doesn’t commemorate anything and is just some public art. Which is fine. That’s a teddy bear the boy has dropped, by the way.

Incidentally it is also a year to the day since what was certainly the least pleasant day I had to somehow document on here: the flash flood of 9th July 2012.

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Pre-Christmas lunch, Blackburn

Saturday 22nd December 2012, 2.15pm (day 485)

Wetherspoons, Blackburn, 22/12/12

Blackburn, Lancashire (as in ‘4,000 holes in…’). Why am I here? Because we were supposed to be going to see Blackburn Rovers v Brighton & Hove Albion, but there was some rain and the match was postponed because of a ‘waterlogged pitch’. Despite the fact that their considerably less-well-off neighbours at Accrington Stanley, five miles away, managed to play their game, as did every other club in the Championship today. We’d not come from that far away and were then going to my nearby parents anyway (see tomorrow’s picture), but some Brighton fans had set off from the south coast at 4am; the match was not postponed until 1.30pm. Bad show, Blackburn Rovers FC.

So here’s a picture of a side of a table in the Postal Order pub instead. I quite like the gaudy textures and patterns but at the same time muted colours, set off by that little semicircle of pink.

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