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The goose has a stretch

Monday 11th March 2019, 2.35pm (day 2,755)

Goose wings, 11/3/19

If I had things as fine as that sprouting from my back, I’d want to show them off now and again, wouldn’t you?

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The completed tattoo

Sunday 20th January 2013, 7.05pm (day 514)

Completed tattoo, 20/1/13

Instead of more of that snow crap, here’s a more personal view on current events. Clare here helps me focus the definitive pic of the completed tattoo, first prefigured way back on 3rd September, and subsequently completed in five sessions, of an average of four hours each, of various degrees of pain (the most recent one, on Friday evening, being a shading session of exquisite agony).

Some people have said – ‘but you don’t get to see it!’. The thing is, I do. As much as I see my face incognito, at least. But I know what I look like, I don’t need to see it every day to remind me, and I think I look just fine.

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