Tattoo consultation

Monday 3rd September 2012, 6.45pm (day 375)

Tattoo consultation, 3/9/12

I have a few small tattoos, not that any of  you have ever seen them properly. (If you look very closely you can just see one on my right bicep – or left, as it appears in the mirror – of the self-portrait of me in the gym last October.) But I’ve decided I’m getting another one, a fairly big one. This will give me something to document here, at least – there will be at least three planning and pricking sessions before it’s done, over the next few weeks. And yes, what you see on the right is, more or less, what it should end up like. Consider it a preview, if you like.

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One thought on “Tattoo consultation

  1. […] events. Clare here helps me focus the definitive pic of the completed tattoo, first prefigured way back on 3rd September, and subsequently completed in five sessions, of an average of four hours each, of various degrees […]

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