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Getting the eyes checked out

Monday 13th March 2023, 9.05am (day 4,218)

In the optician's, 13/3/23

Vision is important to me, and, I assume, to everyone: get your eyes checked when you can…

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In the opticians

Saturday 18th July 2020, 8.55am (day 3,250)

In opticians', 18/7/20

I desperately need a new pair of glasses.  This is because my current pair are six years old and apparently in that time my eyes have improved.  If this sounds paradoxical, clearly you are not over forty years old.  Maybe I’ll take the pink pair.

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Eye test

Wednesday 23rd September 2015, 2.45pm (day 1,490)

Eye test, 23/9/15

Well, I can still see, anyway. But can I see better than the viewfinder of my camera? Only I and my optometrist know for sure.

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At the optician’s

Tuesday 28th January 2014, 2.25pm (day 887)

Spectacles, 28/1/14

Was still functioning at about 25% of normal power today, but this was an improvement. Dragged myself out in the afternoon and then immediately faced another sign of my deteriorating capacities — a fitting for my first pair of reading glasses. Well, it comes to us all.

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Joe undergoes Borgification

Friday 18th October 2013, 3.50pm (day 785)

Borgification, 18/10/13

As anticipated in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Or possibly, just a visit to the local optician.

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Optician’s lens case

Friday 16th December 2011, 2.55pm (day 113)

Today was my last day at work for 11 days – I’m on my Christmas break. So is Joe, it was his last day at school for two weeks. However, the most distinctive thing I saw today was this lens case, next to me while I was having my annual eye test. Of all the bits of my body, my eyes have probably been the most properly looked after for the longest time. Wouldn’t want to be without them…

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