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Abington services, M74

Sunday 11th September 2022, 12.20pm (day 4,035)

Abington services, 11/9/22

The drive home. The convenience of Abington service station on the M74, two and a half hours from Dundee, and usually three hours from home: unless the bastards close the M6, like they did this weekend. But that’s a different and undepicted story. I hope, at least, that this couple, also heading south, still felt affectionate once they got home.

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Emergency refuge

Friday 12th February 2021, 3.05pm (day 3,459)

By the M1, 12/2/21

I don’t know, one gets the chance to go out for a change, and then the car breaks down on the motorway on the way back. But everyone with whom I then had to engage to sort this out, did indeed get it sorted out, so credit to them all.

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On the road (I-74)

Sunday 27th August 2017, 11.25am (day 2,194)

I-74, 27/8/17

I am sure that by all possible definitions, this photograph is very boring. But then again, so is being driven on an Interstate (I-74) through the US corn belt. Taken while we were still just about in Illinois — but the last few days of my stay here will be spent in Indiana.

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