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Pecket Well

Wednesday 27th January 2021, 11.55am (day 3,443)

Pecket Well, 27/1/21

Pecket Well is one of the little settlements up on the hilltops above town. Architecturally, it probably hasn’t changed much in a while. Though if that fire was not kept under control it might have lost a barn yesterday.

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Smoke (something happening)

Friday 3rd July 2020, 11.50am (day 3,235)

Bonfire smoke, 3/7/20

Over the last 3,235 days of this attempt to document the rest of my life in pictures there have, of course, been plenty of days where I’ve just stayed at home and not really done much. But there hasn’t been such a concentrated run of such days, day after day after day where there is nothing happening outside. And on a day when it never stopped raining…. this swell of smoke, a bonfire presumably, really was about the most interesting thing seen all day (with apologies to the family).

By the end of this month we may have been able to visit a pub and go away for a few days. If you think either of these things is a bad thing… let’s just say I disagree with you.

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The fans of Union St. Gilloise

Sunday 4th August 2019, 4.00pm (day 2,901)

Union St Gilloise, 4/8/19

Union St Gilloise FC won 11 Belgian football championships before the rest of the country caught up (that is, before WW2); since then they have become a decidedly minor team in the landscape of Belgian football, but that doesn’t mean their fans can’t have a bit of fun on the first day of the season. And as a photographically-motivated tourist, I have to say, why the hell not.

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Passers-by, Market Street

Wednesday 3rd May 2017, 8.40am (day 2,078)

Market Street, 3/5/17

Another nice morning and a sunny day followed. Off we all go to work in our various ways — or possibly, come home again.

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In my bedroom, evening

Monday 22nd August 2016, 6.45pm (day 1,824)

Bedroom smoke, 22/8/16

Spent part of the day in Manchester but there was little to be seen there. I prefer this enigmatic shot for today, which I feel not at all like explaining….

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Chimney pot

Wednesday 30th March 2016, 11.55am (day 1,679)

Chimney pot, 30/3/16

I am off work, but this is in no way the most eventful Easter break of my life. Nor the least chilly. Both facts lead to today;s photo being evidence of the fire being lit in the house across the road today — at lunchtime.

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Rooves and chimneys

Sunday 23rd November 2014, 2.55pm (day 1,186)

Chimneys, 23/11/14

Another well-lit afternoon, with the last rays of the day catching the smoke from these November fires. 3pm is as late as we get sunlight in the valley at this time of year — 10 minutes after this all is in shadow.

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Autumn bonfire

Saturday 11th October 2014, 3.40pm (day 1,143)

Bonfire, 11/10/14

Not natural clouds coming down the valley, as posted a few days ago — this fire was unnatural. But hey, it’s autumn. There’s lots to burn.

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Smoke break

Tuesday 9th October 2012, 10.55am (day 411)

Smoke break, 9/10/12

This couple were pictured outside the Sackville Building at the University of Manchester this morning, which was incidentally another beautiful, but chilly one.

Do I talk too much on this blog? Do I need to say why I find this picture aesthetically pleasing? I’ll leave it.

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