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The stewards, Blackburn

Tuesday 10th August 2021, 7.35pm (day 3,638)

Stewards, Blackburn, 10/8/21

My latest trip to Ewood Park, this time to see Morecambe FC (still buoyed up by their recent win at Wembley) play Blackburn Rovers in the League Cup. The stewards had plenty of visiting Morecambe fans to deal with but not, it has to be said, a great many Blackburnians. Perhaps this was because they knew the result was fated, as I was in attendance. This was my fifth visit to the ground as far as I can ascertain, and Blackburn Rovers have now lost every one of them: a 1-2 defeat to the mighty Shrimps this evening continuing the run. I won’t be back for a little while, guys, I promise.

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Ewood Park, night match

Tuesday 13th December 2016, 7.35pm (day 1,937)

Ewood Park, 13/12/16

Whatever happens to football, and/or to my club, I hope I never lose the simple enjoyment of just going to a match, and that moment of excitement as you see the ground ahead; particularly for night matches when the floodlights pour illumination onto the as-yet-unseen pitch. I’ve posted before about how Ewood Park, Blackburn is a good, old-school ground (one of only three used in the first ever football league season in 1888 that is still used today — trivia fans may note that the other two have also appeared on this blog over the last five years); I like the terraced house which gets into this shot on the right.

That’s three seasons in a row that the ground’s appeared on here but if our clubs keep going in the direction they are doing, it won’t be on again for a while. Blackburn Rovers 2, Brighton & Hove Albion 3. We are top of the Championship tonight…. they are at the other end of the table.

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David Stockdale

Saturday 16th January 2016, 3.25pm (day 1,605)

Stockdale in snow, 16/1/16

David Stockdale, Brighton & Hove Albion’s goalkeeper, ponders today why he has a job that requires him to work outside on a day like this. But then again he’s quite handsomely paid for it. And, at least at one level, earned his money today, keeping a clean sheet as the Albion won 1-0 in the Blackburn snow. Snow has definitely been a key theme of this weekend.

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Going to the match

Saturday 21st March 2015, 2.40pm (day 1,304)

Toward Ewood Park, 21/3/15

Ewood Park, home of Blackburn Rovers FC, is the ground ahead — one of only three grounds used in the very first season of the Football League (1888) that is still in use, so there’s a bit of history to it. When you approach it through these terraces it really is like being back in the 1950s. No idea why the guy is taking all that luggage to the game. Good day for us Brighton fans — we won 1-0.

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