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Pride Park press box

Wednesday 13th March 2019. 7.35pm (day 2,757)

Derby press box, 13/3/19

Work to do tonight in my occasional moonlighting role as a football journalist, seeing me in the press box at Pride Park, Derby, and afterwards, with work to do to make a crap game of football (Derby 0 Stoke 0) sound interesting. As did these other guys, many of whom exuded a sense of ennui about it all. Does it matter that the principal subject of this photo is not reflected in the screen of his own laptop? If so, well, that’s just the way it worked out.

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In the home end at Elland Road

Sunday 18th February 2018, 4.20pm (day 2,369)

Leeds fans, 18/2/18

When Elland Road has featured on here in the past (such as this pic from Feb 2012 — hey, six years ago), I have definitely been sat in the away fans’ end. I admit that down the years I have developed rather an antipathy towards Leeds United FC but nevertheless decided to make them my Championship entry in this season’s attempt of mine to see matches from as many different competitions as I can. And my verdict? Well, the fans are a fickle bunch to say the least, but they can certainly generate an atmosphere, particularly when watching their team come from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 and nearly win it with a final shot off the bar. But I’m not changing my habits, never fear. This will be the one and only shot from the home end I’ll ever publish…. (By the way, here it’s still ten minutes or so from kick-off, before you start mocking the empty seats.)

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Stewards’ corner, Molineux

Friday 14th April 2017, 4.45pm (day 2,059)

Stewards, Molineux, 14/4/17

Molineux is the stadium of Wolverhampton Wanderers who became the latest side that the mighty Brighton & Hove Albion batted aside on their way to the Championship title this season. Well, OK… promotion at least. We’re not there yet but we could be, as early as Monday. I have given up trying to take decent action shots of games, which is impossible a) from the crowd b) with an everyday camera and c) when you care about the result. So here is one taken just before things got started with the 5pm kick off (thank  you, Sky Sports). Of course it would be better if all the lines were straight, but as with other elements of sports photography — it really doesn’t help if you’re confined to one particular seat all evening.

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We are top of the league

Saturday 25th February 2017, 6.45pm (day 2,011)

Amex joy, 25/2/17

Jamie Murphy has just scored the second goal for Brighton & Hove Albion against Reading at the Amex stadium, and you could say we’re all rather happy about it. 3-0 final score — bring on Newcastle…

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Applauding the teams out

Thursday 2nd February 2017, 7.45pm (day 1,988)

John Smiths stadium 2/2/17Evening game at the John Smith’s stadium, Huddersfield — but let’s not talk about it past this point. Suffice to say that only here, when the teams were coming out, did we Brighton fans feel particularly optimistic.

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Ewood Park, night match

Tuesday 13th December 2016, 7.35pm (day 1,937)

Ewood Park, 13/12/16

Whatever happens to football, and/or to my club, I hope I never lose the simple enjoyment of just going to a match, and that moment of excitement as you see the ground ahead; particularly for night matches when the floodlights pour illumination onto the as-yet-unseen pitch. I’ve posted before about how Ewood Park, Blackburn is a good, old-school ground (one of only three used in the first ever football league season in 1888 that is still used today — trivia fans may note that the other two have also appeared on this blog over the last five years); I like the terraced house which gets into this shot on the right.

That’s three seasons in a row that the ground’s appeared on here but if our clubs keep going in the direction they are doing, it won’t be on again for a while. Blackburn Rovers 2, Brighton & Hove Albion 3. We are top of the Championship tonight…. they are at the other end of the table.

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Entry way, Hillsborough

Saturday 1st October 2016, 4.00pm (day 1,864)

Hillsborough gangway, 1/10/16

Hillsborough, home of Sheffield Wednesday FC, is undoubtedly a grand football stadium, but I don’t like it and never will. It’s miles away from the city, primitive in terms of the amenities offered and I’ve had some bad experiences there. This on top of the events of April 1989 when 96 people were killed there due to police incompetence (not to mention the subsequent — but now thankfully ended — 27-year establishment cover-up). But at least we, that is, Brighton & Hove Albion FC, won there today, 2-1. Go Seagulls. I like the symmetry of this shot of the entry gangway to the away end, but yes, it would be better if it wasn’t for that dark intrusion, the top of a seat I think.

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St. James’ Park

Saturday 27th August 2016, 6.05pm (day 1,829)

St James' Park, 27/8/16

St. James’ Park, Newcastle, is the greatest, and certainly the largest, true city-centre football stadium in England. Capacity over 50,000, and all ten minutes’ walk from the train station — well, 10 minutes to the bottom of the main stand anyway. If you are an away fan you then have about another 10 minutes’ climbing of stairs to negotiate: I don’t think I’ve ever been so high up in the air watching a football match before. Good views therefore; better than anything we endured on the pitch today, a poor performance (Newcastle United 2, Brighton and Hove Albion 0).

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The £170m match

Saturday 7th May 2016, 12.30pm (day 1,717)

BHA v Middlesbrough, 7/5/16

Hard to know what to say about this one. On the one hand, it was an incredible experience to be present today at Middlesbrough v. Brighton and Hove Albion, touted as one of the richest single games of football ever played, and certainly the richest ever played by my lot — £170m was the quoted purse, the prize for the victor being promotion to the Premier League and next season’s big fat TV money payout. If it finished a draw, Middlesbrough would be the ones going up. The atmosphere today was intense, until the very last seconds there was all to play for, and it was amazing that I and Joe were both there.

On the other hand, we lost. Actually we didn’t lose (the result was 1-1) — but of course, in the way that matters, we did.

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St. Andrew’s, Birmingham

Tuesday 5th April 2016, 8.50pm (day 1,685)

Photographers, 5/4/16

The photographers gather just after half time at the end being attacked by Brighton & Hove Albion FC in tonight’s game versus Birmingham City: and they made the right choice, as barely a couple of minutes after I took this picture the Albion scored to go 2-1 up, and that’s how it stayed. St. Andrew’s becomes a new ground for me, pretty decent one too I thought, right result…

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