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Angletarn Pikes summit

Monday 6th August 2018, 11.40am (day 2,538)

On Angletarn Pikes, 6/8/18

On the higher of the two summits of Angletarn Pikes, the gentleman seems determined to draw the attention of his wife towards the less interesting half of the view.

There’s something strange going on with this shot don’t you think? It almost looks artificial, like the two models are in a studio and the mountains are back projected. Brothers Water looks strange too, like all this is a collage I’ve pieced together and then stuck on a bit of tin foil in a deconstructionist kind of way.

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On Helvellyn, looking south

Friday 2nd December 2011, 11.25am (day 99)

Helvellyn, 2/12/11

Do I need to add any commentary, really?

I’ll just make an observation – don’t think the whole country is like this. In fact, this was about the only bit of the Lake District that was like this. There are several more photos up on the 214wainwrights blog, which will give you the full flavour.

Also, tomorrow’s the 100th day of this blog so there’ll be another ‘best of the rest’ selection going up.

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